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February went by super fast.. especially towards the end, I seriously lost track of days! Overall this month has been a bit of a win, I'll obviously get on to why a little later in the post. I started some new things mid way through the month which I think has really been working in my favour and I've been noticing some differences, so I'm happy with how things have gone this month. I've got a few things to go over, so I'm gonna get straight into it!

Not as big a loss as last month.. but a loss nonetheless.. so I'll take it. It's still moving in the right direction.. and I'll be tmi here and say I hadn't been to the loo ether before this.. y'know...

Anyway! I've not been weighing in too frequently this month after I switched things up about mid way through the month and didn't want to be too obsessed with the numbers.

2018 Starting Weight: 169.5 lbs
Current Weight: 165.1 lbs
Weight Loss/Gain This Month: -0.6 lbs

                              Previous  | Current 
Fat %:                       31.8           31.7
Muscle %:                30.8           30.9
BMI: Previous:        26.6            26.5

Total lbs lost since my highest weight: 92.9 lbs


Super happy with the results of my measurements this month. Whilst I don't really see much difference in my progress pictures, my measurements have definitely given me a little boost and I'm looking forward to this month to see what happens next.

Hips -- Down 1 inch
Waist -- Down 0.5 inch
Stomach -- Down 1 inch
Left Thigh -- Down 0.5 inch

I'm SUPER stoked with this and I certainly notice the difference on my stomach and 'love handles'. Like I said, I don't notice much if any difference in the actual pictures but I can feel the difference. when I grab/pinch my stomach, there's 100% not as much to grab onto and that a massive deal to me. Phillip has also mentioned that I feel 'skinnier'(I hate that word!) when he hugs or touches me.

I've also noticed a difference in my running tops. I have a couple of tighter fitting long sleeved running tops which were previously a little too snug for my liking which seem to fit a bit looser.

All a win!

So, before I recap what goals I had set for last month, I figured this is a good time to give a little recap of what I changed/started last month that I think have helped!

I decided to try out Intermittent Fasting. Very briefly if you don't know what it is.. you basically fast for a certain period of time and then have an eating window. There's varying types of IF, I'm doing the 18:6. I fast for 16 hours and eat for 8. I fast from 8PM in the evening until 12PM the next day.

I was a little apprehensive about this but I really think it's working for me. There's a great guide HERE for anyone thats interested, but it had lots of different benefits, there's lots of research behind it and it's supposed to be great for fat loss. I'm gonna do a post in the not too distant future about my experience with IF and what I've found from doing it thus far - I've been doing it for 2 weeks.

On top of intermittent fasting, I've also been doing some 30 day challenges that I started about 12 or so days into Feb - the challenges have been a way for me to get in some strength(bodyweight) training and to get me into a better routine to hopefully start getting into it again properly next month.
These are the two new things I've been doing this month and I think they've definitely helped with my stats this month.

So, now onto the goals I set for last month:
  • Cross train 1 x per week.
  • Join at the leisure center and start swimming again.
  • Lose 4 lbs.
OK.. so I kinda failed all 3. I hate to say 'failed'. I didn't join the leisure center.. and whilst we're on that topic, I was talking to someone on twitter the other day and was curious how long it's actually been since I last went swimming. Turns out.. it's been almost 5 months. I'm so ashamed! Getting back into swimming is gonna be super hard! I think we want to get this half marathon out of the way and we will start up again. We wanted to do the Great North Swim again this year and there's no chance if we don't get back to the pool... not to mention that OWS will probably start at the end of next month. Need to get my butt into gear!

I didn't cross train every week.. BUT as I mentioned, I did start doing some 30 day challenges about 12 or so days into Feb and was doing them every other day - so I suppose that one isn't a total fail!

Lastly was to lose 4 lbs.. and I knew I might fail that one but given my results with my measurements, I literally don't care about the weight!

So, What's in store for next month?
  • Continue with the 30 day challenges - try to stay on track with 1 per day.
  • Complete a month of IF.
I'm hoping the 30 day challenges become more of a habit and hopefully as I build some strength(which I've noticed already! Hello successful full pushups!) I can incorporate some weights into the challenges and get back into my kettlebell workouts. I'd really like to focus on gaining some strength and muscle now that half marathon training is coming to an end.

I want to complete at least a month of Intermittent Fasting. That will take me to mid way through March. I'll re-evaluate at that point to decide whether or not I will continue or not - thus far, I'm pretty sure I'll continue with it, but that could change.

And finally.. the darn pool. I really need to get back in there. 5 months without swimming is not good. Especially when I want to do GNS and more triathlons this year.. plus I'm sure it will help with the cross training/weight loss too.. so I need to stop making excuses and get down there.

That's it! A good month for me and I'm super happy with how it went. I'm not putting any pressure on the weightloss this month, I want to see if the continuation of IF and challenges this month will help. We will see, whatever will be, will be!

If you want to check out my previous Monthly Stats Posts, you can find them all HERE.

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