Training Diary #28 // Cambridge Half Marathon - Week Twelve


And just like that.. a few good runs can turn into a really bad one! I made some silly decisions this week which put a serious downer on the end of the week. Though, some positives did come of it, so I suppose it can't be all bad.

Activity: Run | Distance: Bike Commute - Distance 2 miles each way
Brompton is back to normal, no horrible squeaking. As I mentioned last week, it went in for a service and they found nothing wrong and it's been working fine since. One other plus side.. is that it's getting lighter and lighter everyday and last week I rode home in almost total light outside(spoiler, I rode home in TOTAL light this eve and it was bliss!).

Activity: Run | Distance: 1.47 miles | Time: 13:14 | Pace: 9:02 min/mi
Activity: Run | Distance: 0.40 miles | Time: 3:53 | Pace: 9:36 min/mi
Activity: Run | Distance: 1.46 miles | Time: 14:37 | Pace: 10:02 min/mi
Activity: Run | Distance: 0.37 miles | Time: 3:36 | Pace: 19:48 min/mi

Wednesday is turning into my usual run commute day, there's definitely a trend, I'd hoped to run commute twice a week sometimes.. but my long runs are making me a little achy and I just dont fancy it, esp when it's super cold in the morning!

I did have a bit of a confidence boost for mid week. First off was that I tried on a pair of long SKINS tights that I've had tucked away for the longest time as I felt like I was a sausage casing - they actually fit really well so I was pleased - then the actual run went well too. I managed under 9 min/mi for my run commute and felt really comfortable which was surprising! I'm definitely noticing some positive changes during my training!

Activity: 30 day challenge exercises
I've had better ideas than starting some body weight exercises two days before a long run. Everyone knows that if you're gonna get DOMS, they'll be worse on the second day. I was a little late to the game on this, ideally you start 30 day challenges at the beginning of the month. I had the fun idea of starting it mid-way through the week.. and to try and catch up over a few days.

On Friday, I did 4 days worth of the multiple 30 day challenges that I started. By god I was like jello afterwards. I was pretty sore on Saturday and knew I was in for the worst treat on Sunday, right in time for my long run, good job Laura!

I woke Sunday, barely able to sit up in bed. DOH! I suppose the only positive I can take from this is that I've actually FINALLY started some sort of strength training!

Activity: Run | Distance: 11 miles | Time: 1:58:31 | Pace: 10:46 min/mi

The plan was to run this a little slower than I did the previous week and have more time on my feet. I was aiming for 2 hours on feet and got just under.. but the run itself was horrendous! It was cold, it was windy and the DOMS from the previous day were ridiculous, my inner thighs and abs were SO sore and I spent almost the entire time whining.
I had to dash into a wooded area around 4 miles into the run for a pee and then it was hard to get started again. The only positive I took from the situation was the fact that my determination was on point! Despite struggling almost the entire time, there was no way i was going to give up. At the end of the day, anything can happen on race day and I have to be prepared to maybe have to push through some discomfort.

So, a good start to the week.. followed by a bad decision and a really bad long run. At least I completed the distance, but hopefully I can have a better week of running. I'm hoping as I continue to do the 30 day challenge, I will get used to it and wont be AS sore as I was this week, I'm still suffering today!

We've only 3 weeks left, it's getting closer! I've got 1 long run left before I start to taper! I'm confident that I will be OK for the Half. I doubt very much that the strength training will make any difference in the next 4 weeks but it's a start. I'm intending on finally going to swim tomorrow too... it's been way too long!

Question: Have you ever had a really bad run? How do you pick yourself back up again for the next week ahead?

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