Monthly Stats // February '18 // A Good Start..


It honestly felt like January was over 100 days.. did anyone else feel like that? We are now into February, the shortest month of the year.. but no doubt one that will feel like it goes on forever too. I started the year in a bit of a slump. I was disappointed in my weight and my measurements and really needed a kick up the arse. Thankfully, I have some good things to report for this month and I'm off to a good start.. so without further ado.. Let's get straight into it so I can fill you in!

Screenshot from the app on the 2nd. Like I mentioned in last months post, I was recording my fat, muscle and BMI, however, I've already seen that it looks a little weird, so not sure how much I will really pay attention to these numbers. Muscle is down and fat is up, how true that is I don't know.

I'm pretty happy with a near 4 lb loss for this month, i have been recording during the month to see how my weight has been progressing and it's been pretty up and down.. mostly staying around 167.

2018 Starting Weight: 169.5 lbs
Current Weight: 165.7 lbs
Weight Loss/Gain This Month: -3.8 lbs

                              Previous  | Current 
Fat %:                       28.2           31.8
Muscle %:                32.5           30.8
BMI: Previous:        27.2            26.6

Total lbs lost since my highest weight: 92.3 lbs


Couple of measurement changes this month and moving in the right direction which I'm happy with.

Left/Right Forearm -- Down 0.5 inches
Under Bust -- Down 1 inch
Waist -- Down 0.5 inches
Stomach -- Down 0.5 inches

I'm pretty pleased with these results. I must say I had a hard time dealing with the measurement gain last month so it was a bit of a relief to see them come back down again.

So, last month, I had the following goals set:
  • Track calories in MFP to start making myself more aware of how much I'm eating.
  • Cross train 1 x per week.
  • Join at the leisure center and start swimming again.
  • Lose 5 lbs and get back to pre-house move weight.
I didn't acheive any of them this month. I had good intentions with MFP but stopped tracking about half way through the month. I didn't cross train at all or join the leisure center for swimming.

I did get close to my 5 lb goal - but not quite. I will take it though, I'm really happy with the progress I made this month.

Next months goals are kind of a repeat of last months almost:
  • Cross train 1 x per week.
  • Join at the leisure center and start swimming again.
  • Lose 4 lbs.
I am a day late.. but I'm gonna do a 30 day challenge(I'll catch up on yesterdays) to encourage myself to do some more cross training and I'll hopefully slot in 1 day a week for kettlebells.

I STILL need to join the pool, we've just been a little busy and side tracked that I haven't had chance but I really miss swimming and I think it will really help with the weightloss to get back in there.

I lost nearly 4 lbs last month.. I think 1 lb a week might be doable if I keep an eye on my nutrition and incorporate the cross training like I've planned this month(as long as I actually do them!)


Lets see how this month goes.. I'm off to a good start for this year, I just need to keep it up.

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