Training Diary #25 // Cambridge Half Training - Week Nine


A rather crappy week of training this week. Had some unplanned rest days with taking Kia to the vets last minute(thankfully, she's OK!) and a lot of crappy weather that put a stopper on some of my runs. Sometimes I wish I had a gym membership or a treadmill so I could get them done. I'll just have to have a better week next week

Activity: Run | Distance: Bike Commute - Distance 2 miles each way

Never much to say on this anymore, its a cycle commute and nothing major happens, I note it just because its exercise and I guess part of training.

Activity: Run | Distance: 1.50 miles | Time: 13:38 | Pace: 9:07 min/mi
Activity: Run | Distance: 0.34 miles | Time: 3:35 | Pace: 10:35 min/mi
Activity: Run | Distance: 1.46 miles | Time: 15:31 | Pace: 10:36 min/mi
Activity: Run | Distance: 0.38 miles | Time: 3:51 | Pace: 10:10 min/mi
Nothing like being late to get you a route PB! Left the house a little late on Weds morning, leaving me a few minutes less to get to the station on time(otherwise I've 20-30 minute wait for the next train). Ran as fast as my poor legs could carry me and thankfully made it on time!

I did make a little bit of a boo boo and wore my Adidas Pure Boost X for the first time in forever and my feet were absolutely killing me when I got to the station and ached for hours afterwards. They weren't too bad on the way home though.

It's very slowly getting lighter in the morning which is making me super happy.. before long it will be light when I come home!

Activity: Run | Distance: 3.29 miles | Time: 31:42 | Pace: 9:39 min/mi

A little runch on friday.. more like 3.5 than 3.3, I went down to a housing estate not too far away as I thought there would be a route down to one of the main roads at the other end, however, turns out it's a complete dead end with no way through, which slowed me down a bit AND I stopped my watch to ask for directions and forgot to start it again. Doh!
Not a bad run overall though, pace was OK despite some wind and my legs not really wanting to play ball. No niggles at all which I was happy about *touch wood*. I have been stretching more so hopefully that's helping!

So, that was it! Like I said a pretty naff week but the runs I did were fairly quick so I suppose that's something! I would have had a 3rd run had it not been for the snow. I stupidly put off my run on Saturday as I just wasn't feeling it and then it ended up snowing on Sunday and was far too icy. I had only planned on doing 6 miles though as we wanted to drop the mileage this week and then take it back up again.

I would have also had 2 other cycle commutes but the wind was horrendous on Thursday and as I mentioned I had a last minute appointment with the Vet for Kia.. so they just weren't meant to be.

As a complete side note. It appears that Phillip has decided for himself that he is going to run the Cambridge Half with me. I'm not entirely sure how I feel about the situation as I didn't really want the pressure of trying to beat my time.. but maybe it will work out in my favour to have him as encouragement in the final few miles. He hasn't really been able to fit in running with his work hours and has literally only done 1 or 2 runs a week of which 1 of those runs is with me at the weekend. So he ultimately knows he has not trained properly to run his own race.

Question: Do you ever run with your partner or friends?

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