Training Diary #21 // Cambridge Half Training - Week Four


It's week four.. and whilst this week started OK, it ended pretty crap. The weather is really taking its toll on me at the moment. Im not feeling running with the ice and in the cold. I also left christmas shopping till the last minute and it messed up my training at the end of the week.. I'm just gonna get straight into what I did do and not dwell too much on what I didn't.

Activity: Bike Commute - Distance 2 miles each way

Just two days running this week. Probably would have been three had it not been for the snow last weekend. It was far too slippery to do anything, I couldn't bike commute or run and even worked from home. Bike on Tuesday was scary as hell not knowing if there was any ice on the roads with it being so darn dark. Did a bike commute on Thursday too to give my legs a rest from the run commutes

Activity: Run | Distance: 1.51 miles | Time: 14:38 | Pace: 9:47 min/mi
Activity: Run | Distance: 0.36 miles | Time: 4:00 | Pace: 11:06 min/mi
Activity: Run | Distance: 1.49 miles | Time: 16:59 | Pace: 11:26 min/mi
Activity: Run | Distance: 0.41 miles | Time: 4:23 | Pace: 10:49 min/mi
A scary run commute, it was way too dangerous to take the bike due to the snow and ice on the roads, so hoped my trainers would hold up. Paths were quite icy and the roads actually weren't too bad. Thankfully, it's not too busy at 6:30AM in the morning so I used the roads rather than the path for most of the route.

The run back was still pretty icy and alot busier.. but I survived and it wasn't all too bad, just very cold!

Activity: Run | Distance: 1.5 miles | Time: 13.48 | Pace: 9:11 min/mi
Activity: Run | Distance: 0.36 miles | Time: 04:08 | Pace: 11:36 min/mi
Activity: Run | Distance: 1.48 miles | Time: 15:32 | Pace: 10:32 min/mi
Activity: Run | Distance: 0.39 miles | Time: 3:48 | Pace: 9:39 min/mi
I've been quite enjoying the run commutes, so I think I'm gonna run commute twice a week. A bit more of a successful run in the morning apart from a slip on a driveway just down the road from the house. Eeek!

In the evening was a bit of a different matter. I've already mentioned that the whole route on the way back home is uphill, however, my legs were not feeling this run at all! My calves felt really tight and were getting really sore so I had to stop for a rest once on the way home to let them ease.


That's it for running.. just two run commutes to work. Whilst it's better than nothing, I'm really not happy about missing out on my long run this week. It better not be the start of things to come.. but I felt really off, I'd been busy the whole weekend trying to get christmas shopping done and then it started raining and that just solidified the whole thing.

Thankfully, I'm still more than ahead of schedule, so one missed long run won't do too much damage as long as I dont do it again and the weather is a little kinder.

Question: Do you struggle with training when it's icy/snowy outside? 

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  1. Woah, I deeply admire your dedication! I am so bad at running, but I keep saying I want to get back into it next year. And it's no biggie to miss a run now and then, as long as you keep getting back on the horse :)


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