Monthly Stats // December '17 // Feeling Ashamed..


I've been dreading this day coming up.. I've always been honest here on the blog, I don't try to portray the perfect lifestyle. Those who read this blog know that I share the good and the bad and that should be no different with regards to my weight and progress.. afterall, I started this blog to document my weightloss journey along with anything I did fitness related.

I've struggled and I'd be lying if I said it was just this last few months with the move and change of routine.. if you've been reading these monthly Stats post for a while know, you'll know the struggle.. it's been a rollercoaster of a journey.

I have let things get the better of me these last few months and it hit me when I took my measurements and weight this morning for this post. i'm a little ashamed of myself for letting things get out of hand. I should have nipped it in the bud a while ago.. but here I am now, after the real kick up the arse I needed.. and I'm gonna start things over.

Well F*ck. I've watched the numbers fluctuate, I've been keeping tabs on my weight - hoping that I'd finally get things back in check and I'd be able to get some of it back on again. Turns out.. food is a massive weakness for me. I tracked my calories for the last few days and found I'm eating up to 500 calories more a day than what MFP recommends me to eat. Whilst this isn't 500 above my maintenance(MFP calories is currently set for weightloss), it's still over and we all know that its a game of calories in VS calories out.

Even if it's just a couple of calories over... overtime it adds up so it's no wonder I've gained weight. 

Last Months Weight: 163.6 lbs
This Months Weight: 168.6
Difference in Weight:  + 5.2 lb
Total lbs lost since my highest weight: 90.4 lbs

The last progress pictures I have are for September. I have definitely seen the difference in my lower body and that's exactly where the measurement differences are. I can definitely tell when I compare my pictures that my thighs are bigger and I really hate it. I don't particularly like looking at myself in the mirror lately.

So things have got to change. There's been quite the lack of exercise these last few months, so I haven't even been cancelling out any extra calories that I've been consuming. Under the stress of the house move, going on holiday and getting used to new routines, I've managed to really fall of the wagon here.

I'm not proud of this one bit and literally feel like I'm going backwards which scares the life out of me. I need to get this under control pronto.

It's going to be difficult, as I'm restarting in a month that is usually filled with indulgences and lots of dinners and parties. I'm calorie tracking.. AGAIN. I want to know exactly what I'm eating, I'm being a lot more strict than usual with food now. 

I'm gonna attempt to keep snacking to a minimum as thats where I seem to be eating the most. I won't be buying any snacks for the house(Phillip has agreed).

I'm gonna try and make sure I'm active everyday - I do bike commute to the station 4/5 weekdays - I'm gonna sub one of those for a run commute, which I did this week. I've also started Half Marathon training early. I've 12 weeks until Cambridge Half Marathon, so I'll be upping the running from now on.

Hopefully this gets things back on track, fingers crossed!

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  1. I've gained some weight since the weather turned colder as well so you are not the only one! I always struggle in winter as I have a bigger appetite but what I am finding it works for me is if I pay more attention to my portions - so I would eat slightly less porridge, pasta/rice than normal and I would increase my vegetable intake. It's basically all about smaller meals, but eating more often. And I snack on nuts and fruits instead of biscuits/crisps. But it's not easy in December as it's my birthday AND Christmas!

  2. @Petra / Be Healthy Now I just feel like i've been on a downwards spiral for a while now.. made worse by the house move and the break for the holiday. I'm definitely making more of an effort to reduce portion sizes - but it seems what i did before for weight loss doesn't seem to be working or sticking this time round. Fingers crossed I get it in check.


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