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Phillip and I have been waiting for what feels like forever for our holiday to Mauritius to come up and it certainly didn't disappoint! Gorgeous picturesque beaches and clear blue waters, it was stunning and just the break we needed before settling back into work and our new home.

Already being very active at home, we always look out for opportunities to stay active whilst we are away, we're definitely not the sort of people that enjoy lounging on the sunbeds all day without moving an inch.. we tend to get bored easily and need things to do during the day.

We were staying at the Sugar Beach Resort in Flic En Flac, Mauritius and there were tonnes of ways for us to stay active whilst we were there which we were really pleased with and there were also a lot of activities included in our stay that were free of charge which we took full advantage of everyday.

Here's some of the ways that we stayed active whilst staying in Mauritius:

There’s nothing better than some exploring around the area you're staying whilst you’re on holiday, it's so low impact too. Phillip and I made sure to go on a couple of short walks during the day just to keep moving instead of laying on the sunbeds all day. It’s so relaxing to just walk along the beach with the sea lapping at your feet.
We headed in either direction of our hotel and there were some incredible views of some mountains and we found a little harbour too. The town of Flic En Flac was really close by to see what it's like in the surrounding areas where the locals live and if you needed any essentials from the shops if you forgot something(although, we found the prices SO steep compared to the mall 15 minutes away!)

Sugar beach goes a few miles in either direction along the sea front to run by and it's really quiet out in the morning and not too hot so it's the perfect running conditions. There isn't a path until you get to the town of Flic En Flac about a mile from our hotel, so it's all sand and it can take it's toll on your legs a bit, sand running is no mean feat! but it's a great workout!
For those staying closer to Flic En Flac town, you'll have your choice of all the town streets around which will be easier on the legs, there's definitely plenty of routes you can take there, there were a lot of runners about so you wont be alone.

I’ve never known a hotel abroad to NOT have a swimming pool.. and this is a great way to stay active on holiday. Whether you go and do some laps of the pool in the morning before it gets busy or if you just decide to do a few every so often to cool off after being in the sun, swimming is a great rather low impact form of exercise.

The water at Sugar Beach is also so gorgeously clear that you could easily do your swimming in the sea OR kill two birds with one stone and do some snorkelling too, there's a few good snorkelling spots along Sugar Beach, you just got to know where to find them, the paddleboards/kayaks are good for finding the coral reefs!
Puffer which we saw and got really close to when on a snorkelling trip with the hotel
Water Sport Activities
There are usually all sorts of watersports equipment available at the beach for use from kayaks to pedal boats to stand up paddle boards. You actually don’t feel like you’re really working out when you use any of them but you sure are.

On days where it was very windy, the stand up paddle boards weren't available to use, so we took out some Kayaks which certainly give you an arm workout, especially when you're battling the waves.

On days where the sea was calmer, stand up paddle boarding is a must! I’d never tried stand up paddle boarding until I went on holiday and it was great fun! Frustrating at first trying to balance, but once you’ve got the hang of it, it’s tonnes of fun! We actually ended up going fish hunting on the paddleboards when the sea was calm and it turned out to be an awesome way to see them from above the water. We saw lots of different fish, including a few lionfish, puffers, some sea snakes, eels and saw a rare find of a Manta Ray(I was a little glad I wasn't actually in the water)
Hotel Entertainment Activities
At almost every hotel I’ve been to, there’s been an entertainment team that puts on lots of different activities during the day, it's just a case of finding their schedule. Activities range from yoga at sunrise to water polo, beach volleyball, water aerobics or tennis and it gets you off the sunbed and moving your body for a bit and is great for bonding with others too!

I’ve left this one till last, purely because it’s my least favourite activity to do on holiday and I avoid it as much as possible.. more than likely because every hotel gym I’ve been to isn’t air conditioned enough but if you’re not bothered about this, then the hotel gym would be a great way to get in a some running, cycling, walking and weights before you hit the sunbeds in the morning or in the evening after you're all sunned out!

These are the main ways I know of to stay active whilst at Sugar Beach in Mauritius, a few others worth the mention(but may not necessarily be available in other areas of Mauritius)would be:

Cycling - The Sugar Beach hotel actually does a bike tour around the town of Flic En Flac if you fancy exploring and finding out more about the area. I know a tour company also did an e-bike excursion too.
Diving/Snorkelling Trips - there are plenty of companies around that offer diving and snorkelling trips to the hotspots if that takes your fancy. Our hotel actually did a snorkelling trip for free with a boat at the beach which was awesome!

Overall, I loved partaking in different activities on holiday and trying some new ones too. I always feel so much better in myself having moved my body during the holiday but I know it's not everyones cup of tea and some may just want to relax and have a break from being active.. thats totally OK too!

Question: Have you ever visited Mauritius? Do you like to stay active on holiday or just relax? If you do like to exercise - what do you like to do?

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  1. Looks gorgeous! Mauritius is definitely on my wishlist now

  2. This looks lovely. Only a few weeks till I go abroad so I'll be taking my workout gear too. I've never been for a run on the sand though, I can imagine that's so difficult!

  3. Ooo this looks so lovely! I'm the same and much prefer to stay active on holiday


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