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I dont know about you, but I'm one of those people that love reading and watching what people's favourite items were at the end of each month. It gives me the opportunity to find out about products that I might not have necessarily tried out myself but might actually want.

I've been wanting to do this sort of post for a while but it always ended up going on the backburner and never materialised.. but now here it is! I've gathered a couple of my most loved items that I've been using in the month of August and there's obviously a running theme of mostly food(I love food.. this will probably be a regular occurrence ;) ) and some other fitness bits that I think are worth the mention!

Lets get into it!

Go Faster Food Go Bites & Recipe Book* - I bloody love these! They're created by sports nutrition cook Kate Percy - the author of the Go Faster Food Recipe books. Kate has built a global community of active people who love her delicious energy-giving food. Her best-selling recipe books are used by the likes of Olympians, Great Run and 220 Triathlon and she turned one of her recipes into the Go Bites Energy Balls!

There are 3 different types of the balls available: Boost, Refuel and Recover. The balls are made from 100% natural ingredients which I find is nice on my tummy and doesn't cause any issues(as an added bonus, they're all gluten,wheat and dairy free). They also taste SO SO good!
Boost: Date and Coconut - Ideal for before a workout to give you a boost of energy - I've been using these before a ride for a extra boost of energy and they definitely do just that. These are also vegan friendly.

Refuel: Apricot and Seeds - Ideal for during a workout for some extra fuel. I have used these during a long bike rides for an extra boost and they're quite small balls, so they're not difficult to eat mid-exercise.

Recover: Chocolate and Hazelnut -  By far my favourite of the 3, most likely cause it's got chocolate. These are perfect for after a workout - I've had them after a run, ride and swim and they hit the spot perfectly. These are also vegan friendly.
You can get your hands on the energy balls HERE.. thank me later! ;)

I also received Kate's Go Faster Food recipe book which is great, there are loads of simple to make recipes in there that even someone like me who can't cook could follow along with! I've already tried the Apple and Raisin Cinnamon porridge which was yummmy!
There is also a fantastic section in the first part of the book all about nutrition for Go Faster Kids, with lots of handy tips and some Q+As with some Go Faster Kids too, so inspiring! Well worth checking out if you have active kids(and even if you dont)! You can check out all of Kate's books HERE.

Garmin Fenix 5s - I've had this beaut of a watch for a month now and I bloody love it. I previously had the Fenix 3 HR watch and whilst I loved the watch and it's features, I don't think it was really designed with women in mind, it was FAR too big.

I love that Garmin decided to come out with different sized watches this time round. I initially held off, I had no intention of upgrading.. but I had some fitness bits and pieces to sell and sold my old fenix to fund the purchase of a new one.
It's got all the features I could ask for in a triathlon watch, it looks amazing and  I have had absolutely no issues with the size - I will be doing a review and comparison(vs the fenix 3) on my Youtube channel very soon - so keep an eye out for that if you're interested.

Two Chicks Chirps -  I got these in a prize hamper I won a few weeks ago, I'd heard of the brand but never tried out their Chirps Crisps before. They're made of egg whites, so they're high in protein and lower in fat/sugar/carbs compared to a normal pack of crisps.
They're quite hard and crunchy compared to normal crisps but they taste great. They come in 3 flavours: Sour Cream & Onion, Sea Salt & Cracked Black Pepper and Smokey Jalapeno, I got all 3 of them but havent tried the Jalapeno flavour as I dont do spicy - I left them for my other half - the other two flavours are great though!

220 Triathlon Magazine -  OK.. so this is not technically an August favourite, but my 6month subscription is coming to an end so I figured maybe it counts. I had seen a deal online offering a 6month subscription along with a  free Zone3 Trisuit. The trisuit was what drew me in as I needed a new one, however, the 220 magazine subscription has actually been pretty great. With my getting into triathlon training and with my upcoming race this weekend, I've enjoyed flicking through the magazines each month and picking up some really great tips and product recommendations.
They also usually have training plans and training sessions which have come in handy. My own training plan and some of my training sessions have been based off these magazines, so I've definitely found them helpful.

It's definitely worthwhile seeing if there are any bundle deals going on magazines - the freebies are usually worth more than the mags, so you get a bonus there - it was definitely the case for my tri suit!

On Running Cap* -  Received this just recently but I really like it! I've never actually tried any On products before but I people rave about their shoes and On has always been known for their lightweight products, so I was looking forward to trying the cap out. Whilst it does the job to keep the sun out of my eyes and off my face, it also helps keep the rain out of my eyes too! it's super lightweight, so I don't notice it's there at all and it's really breathable too which was a massive bonus for me.
I'm prone to overheating quickly.. so I dont typically like wearing things on my head but the On Running Cap has ventilation holes on the side which stop that happening and since it's made of lightweight material, it dries quickly too!

Grenade Bars - Seen these around ALOT and always heard good things about them. However, they are quiiite expensive for a protein bar at £2.50 a hit! Holland and Barrett were having a deal on though so I figured I'd use the opportunity to try some of them out.
I do see what the hype is about, they are pretty darn good and even better when you stick them in the microwave to go warm...YUM! With a hefty amount of protein, low sugar and high in fibre, they're ideal for those that need a convenient protein fix after a workout. I will probably only pick them up when there are offers available on them though as I still find them quite expensive and there are alternatives available.

They've got 11 flavours available(that I know of) and I've now tried 6 of them - with the Peanut Butter and the White Chocolate Cookie being my favourites!


So, that's all the products I've loved from this month and thought were worth talking about! I wonder what I'll find in September that's worth raving about?!

Question: Tell me something you were loving for the month of August?

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  1. Yes to the healthy choices! Great post dear x

  2. So many good things this month. I particularly love the running cap !!


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