Training Diary #17


Super unhappy about my training this week. The house situation has really been f*cking with my training lately and just when I think we've got everything sorted, something else needs doing or we need to go and get something, it's so annoying, all really bad timing!

It's just 2 weeks until Woburn Triathlon.. the nerves are getting worse the closer I get, especially since training hasn't been going so well lately and realistically, I only have this week left for training as I will be tapering next week.. Just gotta remember.. I'm in it to finish.. who cares about times!

Activity: Swim Lesson | Distance: 525m | Time: 18:14 | Pace: 2:52 min/100m

Actually had a really good session in the pool. We started off with some tombstone drills, tap drills with pull buoy and then finished the session with some front crawl which all went well. I can definitely tell my swimming is much stronger as I'm now overtaking the guys in the lesson which usually never happens.
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Afterwards, I decided to give jumping in another shot.. if you've been reading my training diaries for a while now.. you'll know this wasn't going so well.. the last few weeks I've just been practising sitting at the edge of the pool and dropping in which seemed to be going well and I decided to amp it up alittle. We tried with a woggle(a long floaty tube) around my arms and jumping off some of the steps leading out from the pool which seemed to be OK.

Then it all clicked and I was able to jump in twice with the woggle.. I haven't tried it without yet as we ran out of time.. but I think I'm very close with some more practice! Woohoo!

Activity: Run | Distance: 2 miles | Time: 18:32 | Pace: 9:15 min/mi
Activity: Cycle | Distance: 12.13 miles | Time: 43.05 | Pace: 16.9 mph

A really good brick session. I headed out early in the morning. Did 12.13 miles with an average speed of just under 17mph, hell yes! Would have recorded a higher speed I reckon if it wasnt for the tractor I managed to get stuck behind on my way through town. Annoying, it was going super slow over speed bumps and I almost lost balance on the bike we were going so slow.
After the bike, I took off on the run and I was super stoked about how I did. I only did 2 miles as I was running a little late. However, my first mile was under 9 mins at 8:51 which is amazing and I was super happy.. I did have to stop after that mile at the turn around point as I was heaving from pushing myself, haha! The second mile was a little slower but not by much and I'm really happy about my speed off the bike.

Activity: Run | Distance: 1.5 miles | Time: 14.22 | Pace: 9:36 min/mi
Activity: Cycle | Distance: 13.08 miles | Time: 42.57 | Pace: 18.3 mph

Phillip had agreed to come with me for this brick session.. and we were supposed to have gone out in the morning but that never happened and we eventually headed out at 2:20pm. It was mega hot out and I knew the session wouldn't be as good as Fridays, however, I also knew it'd probably be good practice as my Triathlon starting wave is quite late in the day where it's likely to be warmer, not cooler.

The ride went really well until the last mile or so of the ride where I was feeling fatigued and lacking energy which lead to frustration and being upset.
Cap from On Running - so lightweight and comfortable!
Headed out on the run afterwards after sipping some water and grabbing my hat. Me and running in the heat don't go well what so ever. I was alittle too whiney on the run for Phillip and we ended up having a bit of a tiff mid run and I stopped the run half way through at 1.5 instead of the 3 miles I had intended.. despite that, I still managed 9:20 pace which I think is pretty good for the warmer weather and I was pleased with my bike pace.


I suppose overall, my actual sessions this week werent too bad but I would have hoped for a longer brick session and included some open water swimming this week but plans were scuppered. I'm alittle worried that it's been 2 weeks since I last went swimming.. Need to get in some open water sessions this week, without fail!

Also not sure how on earth you taper for a triathlon.. so Im gonna have to look into that as it's coming up next week... not long to go at all!

Question: How do you deal with the heat on a run or on the bike?

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