Training Diary #16


better week than last week. I was starting to get a little frustrated with my training as I have been so off track lately. I was pleased to get in a fairly good week.. hopefully I'll have an even better week next week and nail my training for once.

It's just 3 weeks until Woburn Triathlon and I'm a mixture of excitement and nerves. I spectated and cheered people on at Monster Racing Standard/Middle distance today and was keeping my beady eye on everyone for tips for my own tri coming up!

Activity: Swim Lesson | Distance: 500m | Time: 14:33 | Pace: 2:52 min/100m
Had a fairly good lesson overall, did some backstroke, breaststroke and front crawl for the first half of the lesson and then spent the last half of the lesson getting back into my 'attempts' to jump into the pool.

I've made it a goal to try and get to the point where I'm able to jump in the pool before I quit my lessons when I move away. I think it's doable if I focus and take baby steps over the next 7 or so weeks.

Activity: Run | Distance: 2 miles | Time: 19:56 | Pace: 9:23 min/mi
Activity: Swim Lesson | Distance: 1875m | Time: 49:50 | Pace: 2:38 min/100m
Did a 2 mile run in the morning before work. I've been struggling for motivation lately and didn't leave myself much time to run when I finally got ready. However, it was actually a really good run. Pace was good for me with my first mile at 9:14 pace which I haven't seen in a long time, so I was pleased! Not entirely sure what is is that's causing my decrease in pace as it's not like I've been doing speed sessions, but I'll take it nonetheless!

In the evening, I went to the pool for a swim. I haven't been for a while on a weds as I've been busy so it was a nice change. The pool was also pretty empty which was nice! I did tire towards the end of the swim but I'm happy with the distance I covered.

Activity: Run | Distance: 2 miles | Time: 18:21 | Pace: 9:09 min/mi
Activity: Cycle | Distance: 13.16 miles | Time: 47:07 | Pace: 16.8 mph

Brick session day! After a massive hoo-haa with my bike and its service, I finally got it back and took it out for a spin so I could check everything was in working order and all the niggles I'd mentioned had been sorted. It was also a chance for me to try out my new tyres. I upgraded to the highly recommended Gatorskin tyres and they're actually pretty good.
It wasn't the best conditions for a ride though, it had been raining and was very wet out on the roads which makes me super nervous. I did a new route and part of it  is on a very gravelly path.. I hadn't realised until I got home that you can totally bypass that part of the route.. doh!

Bike portion of the session was pretty decent. Managed a decent pace despite the conditions, so I'm happy with that. Managed 16.8 mph average.

The run after went even better. I only did 2 miles but they were 2 really good miles. I dont know how, but I appear to be a faster runner off the bike than I am without cycling.. How I dont know, but I'm not complaining! did my first mile in 9:03 which I'm super happy about.. I was almost under 9 min/mi!

Overall super happy with the session and the route is convenient for seeing time improvements.

Activity: Cycle | Distance: 13.02 miles | Time: 47:23 | Pace: 16.5 mph

Headed out with Phillip so he could make sure his bike was in good working order for his triathlon the next day... long story short.. Phillip decided 3 days before his Triathlon to adjust the front derailleur on his bike and ended up royally f*cking stuff up.. which lead to rushed panic to get it into a bike shop to be fixed before Sunday. Thank god we could.. so hence why he wanted to make sure everything was fine.. usually he wouldn't and would rest.

The ride started dry.. followed very quickly(within minutes) by rain and then hail.. before the sun came back out again. However, it meant that the whole route was very wet and muddy. The butt and back spray was very real! ;)
Thought I'd show my muddy back.. which you cant even see! xD
Had a total downer at the end of the route just before we got back to the house. A complete arsehole of a driver tried to overtake with parked cars on my right and no room for two cars on the opposite side.. a car was coming the opposite way and he swerved in on me when overtaking.. not once.. but 3 times in the space of a couple of minutes.

Needless to say, my language towards him was a little shocking but I was SO mad.. and he was blaming it on the other car driver who had right of way? I will be making sure I remember my GoPro everytime from now on to catch arseholes like that!

I'm fairly happy I managed to fit in 2 of each sport this week. Not so happy about totally neglecting the strength training as I was hoping to keep up the habit and do at least one a week.. I'll get back on it next week!

Question: Ever had an issue with arsehole drivers? Do you find you run faster or slower off the bike?

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