Training Diary #15


Well sh*t.. this week didn't go to plan at all. I thought that after finding our house and getting everything confirmed, that I'd just go back into training and everything would click into place.. but apparently not.

This weeks training has royally sucked. We still had a couple of things to clear up this week that got in the way.. and I misjudged times and so.. instead of getting out of bed early and getting sh*t done.. I forgoed my workout to do it in the evening and then didn't have time. That wont be happening again!

I'm ready for a do-over. We've got a month left until the triathlon.. so it's time to put in some more focus. Lets do a short recap of last week.. there isn't much to say!

Activity: Strength Training | Time: 35 mins

Last weeks kettlebell resulted in some pretty horrendous DOMs that lasted a few days and that's usually been the thing that puts me off doing another. Thankfully, It hasn't put me off just yet and I did one in the morning before work as it was chucking it down and I didn't want to go outside ;)
I did 2 x 10min and a 15 min standing ab kettlebell workout from my two favourite workout channels on Youtube - FitnessBlender and BodyFit By Amy.

I really enjoyed them and was a sweaty mess by the end xD

Activity: Run | Distance: 3 miles | Time: 30:00 | Pace: 10:00 min/mi

Was thankful for a break in the rain., so headed out for a run in the morning. Had a pair of new kicks I've had sat in a box for a few months until I was ready to retire my current pair.. so I headed out in them. They're really comfy and I LOVE the colour too.
Did 3 miles, my legs were giving me a bit of aggro from the kettlebell the previous day but managed a dead on 10 min/mile pace which I was OK with.

Activity: Open Water Swim | Distance: 1.4 mile | Time: 53.06 | Pace: 2:10 min/100yd

Had a great swim, we decided to skip the parkrun in favour of a longer swim. The swim was really great. did 2450 yards/1.4 miles which isn't my longest swim but still a decent distance for me!
The out part of the first loop was a little tough on the arms after not swimming all week but I finally settled into a nice rhythm and pace.

Activity: Cycle | Distance: 37.4 miles | Time: 2:11:08 | Pace: 17.1 mph

Phillip and I headed out for the same route we did the Sunday before. I wanted to try and beat my times from last week. The first 5-10 miles were a headwind and I was pretty sure it wouldn't happen and almost wanted to turn around and head home.
Thankfully, the wind died down and I managed to redeem myself for the rest of the ride. I managed to get 19 PRs for segments on the same route according to strava which was nice and I managed to get another longest ride achievement as we did an extra 1.5 miles.


Well it was a sucky week for training. It's not ideal to only have done 1 of each sport this week and I definitely could have fit in more had I not decided my bed was comfier than exercising ;)

Got to get my priorities right.. I've got 4 weeks left to ramp up the training, get some focus and get some of them times down!

Question: Do you have a favourite Youtube channel? Do you ever find it hard to get the motivation to get out of bed and workout? How do you overcome it?

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