Monthly Stats // August '17


I feel like I have said this every month for the last couple of months.. but how the hell is it already August? This year is going by SO fast. This month has gone by mega fast too.. mostly because Phillip and I have been sort of freaking out about finding a house to rent by the end of August before he transfers for his new job and it's SO stressful!

Food and Training hasn't been too bad this month and whilst the outcome for my monthly stats didn't impress me, I have seen some positive changes with regards to my fitness.. so I'm not too disappointed.

I'm actually OK with there being no weight change this month. With the stress of trying to find a house as I mentioned earlier, I had expected to see a gain.

I've been keeping an eye on the scales this month and rather than going up and down all the time throughout the month and going back up to 165.. I've surprisingly been staying around the 162lb mark which Im happy with.. Hopefully I can get it to keep shifting down over the next month.

Last Months Weight: 162.6 lbs
This Months Weight: 162.6
Difference in Weight:  - 0 lb
Total lbs lost since my highest weight: 95.6 lbs

No change in measurements.. which is no surprise given my current streak with no changes ;) I didn't expect any changes though given that there was no weight change. I go through phases during the month where I deffo feel and look leaner. I'm generally quite happy with how my body looks anyway.

Despite no changes in weight, measurements or pictures this month, I have seen some improvements in my training times.. so I'm not really dwelling too much on these numbers.. and hey.. they're not going up!
I had been strictly tracking and sticking to my calories last month which seems to be working for me and my weight has been stable for the good part of a month, despite having some unplanned high calorie days. So I'm happy to have that under control.

With triathlon training, I was finding it very hard to fit in anything other than swimming, biking and running... I dont know how the hell people manage to fit in strength training as part of triathlon training without getting burnt out... when do you rest?!

Anyway - I'm having a redo on the strength training battle... and I did my first strength training session this morning.. maybe all I needed was that first step to do it.. hopefully I can continue to fit it into my routine somehow. 

The busy-ness of my life over the past month didn't really help much either..It's far from over in terms of house hunting.. so I'm just gonna have to see how this month pans out. So I want to continue making sure I'm staying on top of my food intake and not stress eat my way through the month!

Last but not least, for this month, I would really like a big push to get rid of the last two pounds and get back into the 150s... just let me have 159! ;)

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