Training Diary #11 and #12


The past two weeks have been a bit of a blur and once again my blog ends up taking a bit of a backseat.. long story short, we're relocating an hour away from our current place of residence for Phillips Job and we're scouring the housing market for a place that takes pets.. It's no easy feat and training has taken a hit at the same time..

I'm just going to very quickly recap the past two weeks of training and get back into the swing of things after this! It probably won't actually be very quick with two weeks of training!

Week Before Last:

Activity: Open Water Swim | Distance: 1.05 mile | Time: 42:31 | Pace: 2:23 min/100yd
Activity: Swim Lesson | Distance: 600m | Time: 25.42 | Pace: 2:29 min/100m

A bit of a ropey start after my goggles werent sitting right and took some faffing about.. then I got stuck in the weeds near a buoy and had a bit of a panic. After the first lap, everything went pretty smoothly and managed a decent pace.
Headed to my swim lesson afterwards, since I'm a little late with this post, I honestly can't remember much of what we did but I didn't swim very far during the lesson, so I'm guessing it was mostly drills.

Activity: Run | Distance: 2.97 mile | Time: 28:45 | Pace: 9:42 min/mi
Activity: Pool Swim | Distance: 1825m | Time: 51:28 | Pace: 2:49 min/100m
Was a little late out for my run, I actually felt pretty good for the most part, it looked like it was going to pour down which was a little incentive to run faster. Pace wasn't too bad but it would be better with some interval training!

Headed to my usual swim in the evening, the swim itself didn't feel too bad but my pace when I checked afterwards was a lot slower than usual, not entirely sure why. I was alittle disappointed.

Activity: Cycle | Distance: 7.98 mile | Time: 28:18 | Pace: 16.9 mph
Activity: Run | Distance: 2 miles | Time: 18:55 | Pace: 9:26 min/mi
Activity: Open Water Swim | Distance: 1.06 mile | Time: 40:31 | Pace: 2:23 min/100yd

I hadn't intentionally wanted to do all three sports in a day but I sort of ended up losing track of days and remembered half way through the day that I was going swimming in the evening.
The bike felt great and had a decent pace, I always tend to feel pretty good on the bike it's just a shame I haven't been able to get on it as much.. at no fault of my own tbh.. I was really suffering with motivation to get my gear out and just go! The run afterwards felt pretty good too, managed 9:26 pace average over 2 miles which Im happy with. I definitely have a quicker leg turnover off the bike.. I'm not sure if that's what's contributing to my quicker pace off the bike compared to just normal running?

Swim in the evening was tough. Not sure if I was a little worn out from the brick earlier in the day but it felt really slow and I felt like everyone was overtaking me in the water. It was pretty windy and wavy out on the lake and my arms were super achey afterwards!
Activity: Run | Distance: 3.1 miles | Time: 30:09 | Pace: 9:44 min/mi
Activity: Open Water Swim | Distance: 1.14 mile | Time: 41:12 | Pace: 2:03 min/100yd

Usual swim and parkrun day! Thankfully the wetsuit dried in time from the previous night. Again swimming felt pretty tough on the arms but it ended up ebign one of my faster swims which was a relief after the pool swims that I've done recently and my lack of pace.

Parkrun afterwards actually went pretty well and I was 6 seconds off getting sub 30 which I haven't had in a long time at parkrun - hopefully I can get it the next time I do parkrun again!


Last Weeks Training:

Activity: Swim Lesson | Distance: 675m | Time: 30:38 | Pace: 2:17 min/100m

Activity: Cycle | Distance: 7.87 mile | Time: 27:39 | Pace: 17.1 mph
Activity: Run | Distance: 1.5 miles | Time: 15:29 | Pace: 9:42 min/mi
Not a bad brick session - I was supposed to go in the morning and ended up leaving it until the evening which is not my best of ideas. The cycle was fine, except for the part where a lorry decided to stop in the middle of the road right next to a layby, so I had to stop behind him.. I've no idea what he was doing! The run afterwards was fine

Activity: Pool Swim | Distance: 1675m | Time: 50:16 | Pace: 2:59 min/100m
Tried out some new kit in the pool, I'd received a gorgeous Michael Phelps swimsuit and goggles so figured I would give them a whirl and see whether I could channel my inner MP.. turns out I cant ;) My swimming in the pool has felt a little off recently and I've been much slower despite not really feeling like I'm going much slower. It's incredibly frustrating when I want to be going faster!

Activity: Run | Distance: 3.54 miles | Time: 36:24 | Pace: 10:17 min/mi

Headed out with Phillip later on in the evening after we had let food 'settle'. We had left it 2 hours before going running but it wasn't enough, both of us didn't particularly enjoy the run, I felt sick for the most part with food still jumbling about, my legs were feeling heavy and i was quite hot! We ended up taking a route along the river and Phillip was winding me up about ticks and adders in the long grass that is not being maintained down there. I don't think I'll go that way again until it gets cut(if ever..)
Activity: Open Water Swim | Distance: 1.38 mile | Time: 51:05 | Pace: 2:06 min/100yd
A good swim, managed 5 laps of the lake. The beginning was a little tough, my shoulders and arms were really aching but once I got into a rhythm it seemed to be OK. The sun was in and out of the clouds which I didn't enjoy.. and it seemed that all the fish were out in full force and I don't particularly like being able to see them or them swimming right infront of me!

Activity: Turbo Cycle | Distance: 9.52 mile | Time: 50:50 | Pace: 11.2 mph

Decided to do a session totally dedicated to hill climbing and it was bloody tough! The average climb was 4%.. with some parts of the route having a climb of 11%.. my bike at time was being a little tempermental with the gears on the turbo which was a little annoying but overall it was a good session. I'm sure I wont have hills and climbs like that on my Triathlon.. or at least I bloody hope not! but it's still good practice every now and again.

Question: What tips would you give for getting yourself motivated to get up and dressed in the morning for exercise?

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