Monthly Stats // July 2017


After a busy month of birthdays and events last month, I was a little thankful to have a quieter month this month and getting back into the swing of things. I did have a little hiccup at the beginning of the month where I ended up getting sick and was out of action for two weeks, but have since then been picking it back up and getting back on track.. again.

I'm happy with this! As I mentioned, I'd been out of action for almost two weeks and was pretty sedentary during that time and gained weight.. so I've had to lose gained weight and get back down to my June starting weight... and some in this case!

I have become a bit scale obsessed over the last two or so weeks since changing my diet.. which is not the best and I'm trying not to weigh as often.. but because I've been so desperate for things to get moving again, it's hard not to jump on the scales to see whats going on.

I did weigh in with 161 on the scales last week, which surprised me as It's a number I've not seen for over a year.. but as things go with weight, fluctuations played their part and I went back up a little.

Last Months Weight: 163.6 lbs
This Months Weight: 162.6
Difference in Weight:  - 1 lb
Total lbs lost since my highest weight: 95.6 lbs

I must admit, after seeing a drop on the scales today and then taking my progress pictures and measurements, I was a little disappointed to see no changes whatsoever with either. At the same time however, it makes me positive that if i continue with what I've been doing over the last two weeks, there should be SOME sort of shift next month.

Whats really weird, is that with a complete overhaul of my diet and more exercise since feeling better after sickness, I've been seeing my body change when I look in the mirror but it oddly doesn't translate to the pictures. My mind must be playing tricks on me!
I feel like a broken record. Last month I had every intention of starting strength training with the new month and then I got sick and everything turned to sh*t.. I spent the last part of the month really focusing on my nutrition and getting back into a regular routine, that I didn't want to try and add in extra and overload myself.

I have done Great North Swim and have Great Newham Run tomorrow. After that, it's back to triathlon training as I have a triathlon booked! I will talk about that in another post, 

I've got 8 weeks to try and get stronger! I've made a pact with Phillip for encouraging me to get some strength sessions done. I've planned out my weeks(they're very flexible for when I need a rest day). I've got my running, cycling and swimming all planned out AND have extra room to fit in strength sessions too.

Apart from the above, I've been strictly tracking my calories which seems to be working out for me at the moment and since I've seen a movement on the scale, I'm gonna continue with it for the time being. I've been playing around with my 'macros', I don't track them, but I'm aware of them.. and aware that I probably eat too many carbs, so I'm going to try and eat lower carbs and higher protein to help with muscle building and recovery.

So, again.. I'm gonna see what this month brings, I've had a good head start, things are heading in the right direction, I just need to continue to go with it!

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