Training Diary #8


So last week was a bit of a flop due to me being sick but I've been feeling much better since Great North Swim and I've finally been able to get back into a proper routine with exercise.

We were still in Penrith following the Great North Swim, we headed out for the hilly, hilly 3 mile route we'd done on Saturday. The hills in Penrith are unreal, the pic below doesn't really do it justice as to how steep it was.. but we had to run back up the equivalent of this on the way back from the loop. Yuck! I hate not having hills in Cambs!
WEDNESDAY - SWIM - 2100 Meters
A good swim session. It was quite effortless which was nice, I didn't feel too out of breath or anything, it kinda just went very smoothly. i have noticed since I've started to do more open water swimming, that I've not been kicking as much, both in the pool and in open water swimming.

On one hand, I thought I was being a little lazy but I also figured I must be gaining some upper body strength to be able to pull through the water better without kicking. I got some reassurance that it's pretty common not to kick much, especially in a triathlon.

Usually don't do any exercise in the evening, but I headed out anyway. I had tried to avoid the heat but it didn't work, it was still super hot and sweaty later into the evening.
My legs were pretty sluggish for the first half of the run and my chest was feeling tight as I was still getting over my sickness. The turn around point wasn't so bad but the heat really does drain me so I was knackered when I got home.

I finally got back on the bike this week after quite a long break! It was super busy with lots of cars and driver arseholes.  I got hit with quite a bit of wind which I really struggle with. I need to try and fit in a couple of mid week cycles and not have as much of a break in between rides.
In the evening, I headed to Open Water Swimming and it was pretty balmy! The second place we go to at Hannams is wetsuit compulsory. It's been scorching here and we could have done with going in without wetsuits.

It's Swim and Parkrun day. Milton had their weed cutting last week so it was bliss in the water not getting tangled up. I did see a lot of fish now that the lake weeds are cut down and that freaks me out.
After the swim, we did parkrun, which was bloody scorching and hard work! I thought my wet trisuit would keep me dry but no chance. I also found out i managed to chafe myself in quite a few new places.. I got chafing under my armband and I got a big chafe patch under my butt xD

We headed out super early in the morning to beat the heat. Phillip and I managed 26 miles, my pace was OK too with 16.3 mph. I did get a 40k PB time and it's my longest ride on the road bike. I quite like long rides but the triathlon I've got in Sept(I'll talk about it in an upcoming post) is only 13 miles so it may be worth while fitting in some shorter rides and work on speed rather than endurance.
Suns out, Guns Out.. Dont mind my post.. IG husband says I pose the same and had to switch it up xD

I've felt great getting back into a routine, it sucked being sick and not being able to exercise for nearly two weeks. The only thing that is getting in my way this week is the heat. It'll be a lot of early mornings or late late workouts for me to avoid the heat. I really don't bode well with it.

I was also pleased to get in at least 2 of each sport this week so I want to try and stay consistent with that. Fingers crossed it's not too hot that I just don't want to, so far so good!

Question: How are you with exercising in the heat? Whats your favourite season to workout in?

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  1. Desiree Penton Marshall21 June 2017 at 15:22

    Wow great week indeed! I haven't worked my way up to that kind of mileage on the bike. It's been so rainy here too. I do look forward to seeing that mileage at some point! For now I'm happy to get 10 miles in when I can!


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