Monthly Stats // June


It's been a very busy month! A lot of Birthdays, including my own, birthday meals out, birthday cake, we can see where this is going. May is not a good month. However.. exercise has been pretty much on point! Especially the second half of the month.

But as most will be aware.. you cannot out exercise a bad diet.. so I knew I wouldn't have any particularly good results this month.  Lets see what we're working with for the month ahead.

I'm totally OK with this. I have been weighing myself every week over the last month to keep an eye on things.. It's frustrated me to no end so I wont be doing that again next month if I can help it.

I tend to fluctuate between 162 and 165 lbs during the month which is natural, your body weight fluctuates all the time. It has been interesting to see how different things affect my weight such as a more intense workout causing water retention, eating out and having a lot of sodium, not going to the toilet.. time of the month.

Thats why It's been so important for me to also take the progress pictures and measurements too, although I have a track record over the last god knows how many months of nothing actually changing. Lets get onto that now.

Last Months Weight: 163 lbs
This Months Weight: 163.6 lbs
Difference in Weight:  + 0.6 lbs
Total lbs lost since my highest weight: 94.6 lbs

The half an inch lost on my stomach last month is back on this month but given my eating habits over the last month with all the birthdays, Im OK with that and I kinda expected it. Whats more important to me is that I didn't restrict for anyones birthday and not fully enjoy myself. There are no birthdays until August now, so I'm all good to go now.
OK, so like I said, you can't exercise a bad diet and mine has been pretty shocking this month.. so whilst I was training almost every day of the week, sometimes two times a day, it will not help when you eat more than you're burning off. You can see my Training Diary posts HERE if you're interested in catching up with what I've been doing.

I have a plan of attack for the month of June. I have a Triathlon decided, we're just waiting for payday so we can finally book it.. so the training I was doing in May will continue on, I also have the Great Newham Run booked too, Great North Swim is next week and We're planning on doing some more swim events.

I'm continuing to track my calories to see where I'm at and how much I'm eating throughout the day, I've been doing it off and on, it's remembering to track everything. I'm attempting to reduce my carbs, even if it's just slightly, so opting for fruit instead of a snack bar etc. I also want to up my protein intake as I've been horrendous with getting my protein in after my workouts!

I have also agreed with Phillip that we are gonna try and do at least 10-20 minutes of strength training per day for this month.. which hasn't been going well thus far as I'm sick and haven't been physically up to doing anything over the last week.. but as soon as I'm well enough and not coughing my guts up, I'll be doing that!

So I'm gonna have a packed month if all goes to plan. I really wanna stay on top of the eating, it would be nice to get something moving in the right direction for a change. It's been a long time since I've had any real significant progress. Yo-yo-ing doesn't count.

I'm tracking everything in my bullet journal too - I will probably do a post in the not too distant future talking about my Journal and how I use it for tracking all things Health and Fitness(thats what mine is primarily used for!).

Now.. Hopefully I can shift this stupid cold and I can get back on things, I've had to keep more of a watchful eye of my food intake since I've been pretty much horizontal most of this week :/

If you want to check out my previous Monthly Stats Posts, you can find them all HERE.

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