Training Diary #5


Had a fairly good week of training following on from Wings For Life last week. I appear to have got my workout mojo back, thankfully! I've no more running races booked in at the moment, I have a swimming event in June.. I need to get booking some!

I'll recap the last two weeks since I missed the training diary last week last week when I posted my race recap.

Last Week:
Had a major breakthrough at the swimming session. Something clicked and i ended up doing continuous front crawl for 53 minutes. It's never happened before. The most I've done in a session is about 6-8 lengths front crawl before needing to take a breather for a minute or two.
THURSDAY - RUN 3.1 Miles
I hadn't been feeling running lately, but after a motivating text from the other half I headed out for a run and it was really lovely out. Legs felt a little sluggish to begin with, but eased off eventually.

FRIDAY - RUN 3.51 Miles -  OWS 1.12 Miles
Headed out for a run with Phillip, It was another lovely day and we went down by the river. In the evening after work we headed for Open Water Swimming, it was 13 chilly degrees in the lake, a little warmer than when we got in the previous week though.
Managed to swim a lot more front crawl in the lake this time round after my breakthrough at the pool. I'm pleased with how I'm progressing!

SATURDAY - OWS 0.86 Miles
Headed for another OWS. I felt really groggy and not very well rested.. The lake was 12.7 degrees, a bit of a drop from the previous day.  I got out when I was feeling tired. We probably shouldn't have swam either with race day the next day!

SUNDAY - RACE DAY - 7.33 Miles
Not much to update on this. If you want to read about how race day went, you can find my recap HERE.

This Week:
After a few weeks off fro lessons due to bank holidays, it was swim lesson time again. We did some backstroke and then spent a lot of time working on touch turns(I think thats the right term). Not too much in terms of distance but technique work is always good.

WEDNESDAY - RUN - 3.1 Miles - SWIM - 1850m
Another gorgeous day for a run, I'm loving the warmer weather lately! It's so much better to run in! Headed out along the tracks for a quieter run. Calf had been feeling a little tender since the race but seemed to be OK with some foam rolling and was OK for the run, thankfully!
A evening swim session, covered some decent distance in the pool, want to focus on some drills and technique in my next Weds session to get better at front crawl and my pull, which is where I think my weak spot is. So I'll be focusing on that next week.

FRIDAY - OWS - 1.27 Miles
The lake temp went up again this week, thankfully, not as chilly in the water and not as bad getting out either. I did struggle a little in the session though, I was getting really disorientated with the sun coming in and out of the clouds.. and sight in the water was going from being able to see everything to it being really dark which kept freaking me out. I think I'll just put it down to experience and needing more of it!

The weather was lovely for a cycle. Having bought new cycling gear and a new bike seat.. I'd yet to get out on the bike and try them.. they'd been sat there for two weeks. Oops! I can report that both were great and I had very minimal soreness at the end of the bike ride! Yay!

SUNDAY -  CYCLE - 25.87 Miles
Headed out for another cycle with Phillip, we had intended on doing the same route as the previous day but backwards for a change. The weather was sunny when we first headed out and then it started raining! I was a little panicked, I'd never cycled in the rain before, thankfully it didn't last too long and the sun came back out.

We did end up taking a detour as Phillip said a village was nearby.. and 3 villages later we finally got there.. ended up adding another 7 miles to our route.

Happy about 26 miles on the bike though, not too much soreness given we had already cycled the previous day and my longest road bike ride ever.


Overall pretty happy with training, with the exception of my running this week, I need to get in at least 1 more run during the week. I'm usually happy with just 1 rest day a week.

I mentioned at the start that I have no running races booked at the moment which is probably part of the issue, I've nothing to work towards. I need to get some running races booked asap!

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