Training Diary #4


Coming at you a day late. Last week was hella busy.. and I lost my fitness mojo last week which didn't help. I think maybe I burnt myself out with double workout days towards the end of last week. Hopefully I can get back to normal this week!

MONDAY - RUN 1.1 Miles
Headed out for a run with Amber(who we were dog sitting this weekend). Had the intention of doing 3 miles which ended up being 1.1 miles. Unfortunately, Amber ended up having an upset stomach and I had to get back to the house asap.

Typical weds night, went swimming. Was very busy when I got in.. but most seem to clear in 15 minutes(what is even the point?). I managed a decent distance. Tried to do alternate lengths of Front Crawl and Breaststroke, it's getting much better!

I have slowed down my front crawl to focus on my technique and pull in the water, which I think is my weak spot. It seemed to work out well. I think I will do some different drills in my next Wednesday session.. It's not all about the distance, I really need to get some drills in.

We had planned open water swimming in the evening and on Saturday morning but it got cancelled due to a sudden drop in temp. If the water drops below 11 degrees in the lake, it's not safe to proceed with the swim.


SUNDAY - RUN 6.2 Miles & a helluva lot of walking!
Headed out mid morning for a 6 mile run. 10 minutes in I was desperate for the toilet.. for the next couple of miles, I was running and walking to hold it off but eventually had to dip into a wooded area as I just couldn't hold it! Worst time ever, totally embarrassing!

Pace was totally off but was happy to have at least got 10k in considering how little exercise I'd done during the week.

After the run, we headed to Cambridge as I wanted to try and find a new saddle for my bike and some new cycling gear. After almost 25k steps.. I came back with a saddle at least from a lovely local bike store in Cambridge City Centre. Hopefully it'll help with my soreness.. otherwise I've 30 days to bring it back and try something else! Fingers crossed it is OK!


So, this week was a bit of a fail. Last week, I'd managed 7 workouts, this week only 3. I totally lost my mojo and didn't want to do anything! As I mentioned briefly earlier, I may have burned myself out from a high number of workouts towards the end of the week.. or it may have been that I was just too stressed out. I'm not sure what it was but hopefully I can motivate myself this week.

It's also race week this week, so I don't want to be doing too much, to the point where I burn myself out but would like to still fit in something! It's Wings For Life on Sunday. As I've mentioned before, this race is a little different in that the finishing line is behind you, so you pretty much determine how far you go until the car catches you.

I haven't put much thought or goals into how far I wanted to go for this race. Ideally, I'd like to get in at least 10k. However, if I can push it, it'd be great to get between 8 and 10 miles. We will see!

Question: What do you do when you appear to have lost all of your motivation? Any tips or recommendations for stopping getting caught short mid run? 

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