Monthly Stats // May '17


What a whirlwind of a month! It's gone by so fast! This month has been a little up and down lately. I've had a good few weeks of exercise, I started cycling again now that it's getting warmer and I've also started open water swimming. I'm now doing 3 sports so I'm not short of exercise but my diet has been a little poor and we all know what they say.. you can't out exercise a bad diet!

Lets get on and see what we're looking at in terms of stats for this month..

Like I mentioned above, you can't out exercise a bad diet. Despite exercising almost 7 times a week, I am up in weight this month compared to last month. It's no secret that I'm a stress eater. Work has been a little manic lately with someone leaving and I've had to get trained up and taken on extra responsibility, it's come with a bit of stress, so it's definitely not helped.

Last Months Weight: 162.2 lbs
This Months Weight: 163 lbs
Difference in Weight:  - 0.8 lbs
Total lbs lost since my highest weight: 94 lbs

I lost .5 of an inch of my stomach this month. How on earth it happened I've got absolutely no idea how it happened. Progress pictures don't show any difference(at least to me) and the scales went up this month. I very much doubt it's muscle either but I'll take it and we'll see what happens next month.
So, apart from one week this month, my exercise has been pretty good and my training has been going well. However, my diet, as is nearly always the case, is the part thats struggling at the moment so I need to get that back in check.

I'm back to tracking.. again! I feel like I always say Im back to tracking, usually because I get off track and stop tracking. Hopefully I'll commit to the full month. Phillip and I are also on a bid to try and reduce the amount of carbs that we intake during the week. It's been two days but it has been going OK so far.. it's very difficult though as most things appear to have carbs in them!

It's also my birthday month.. and a lot of peoples birthday this month.. so I'm hoping I can limit my cake intake!

I hope this month is a better one, lets get the diet in check huh?

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  1. I really enjoyed reading this, I desperately need to get back into the dieting game!


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