Disclosure: I received two pieces of clothing from Get The Label for free in return for an honest review on my blog. I am not being paid to talk about or advertise their products. All opinions of the product are my own. See my policy page HERE for more detail.

It's no secret that I love myself some new fitness clothing & fitness gadgets, I'm pretty sure I own more fitness wear that I do actual clothes, most of the money I save up tends to go on something fitness related and when it comes to the Christmas and birthdays, I typically always ask for something fitness related too.

It's sort of addicting I must admit and I get a surge of motivation when I get new fitness kit, I always want to go and try it out, so it's win win!

Get The Label approached me a couple of weeks back to ask if I'd like to pick out some pieces from their website.. how could I turn that down?!

Get The Label(a subsidiary of JD Sports) is a website that sells fashion and sportswear at up to a 75% discount! I'd never visited the site before but I have seen a couple of people talk about it before. I am a big fan of JD Sports for fitness kit too.

There are lots of brands available such as Adidas, Lacoste, Diesel, Sketchers, Penguin and many more. There's some brands I've never personally heard of before too. There's a wide variety of different types of clothing and footwear to have a look at.

I had a hard time actually picking out what I wanted with so much choice available! I ended up picking out a pair of cropped tights and a tank/t-shirt combo.

Here's my choices:
Adidas Supernova 3/4 Running Tights - Currently £21.99 - RRP £51.99
Adidas Run Layer T-Shirt - Currently £13.59 -  RRP29.99

For the price that they're at, Im pretty impressed, it's hard to find good, affordable fitness kit that doesn't cost the earth. There are so many other good deals available!

So What did I think of the items I chose?
I loved the print of the leggings, perfect colour for Spring and Summer and I loved the idea of a dual layer for the top and the colours were almost a perfect match.
The tank is the perfect length for me, I like tank tops that are a little longer in the body and it has a dipped hem at the back hem on the tank too, allowing for a little extra coverage of the booty if thats your thing! The over top is really light weight with an open back which is a nice detail.
Wearing both allows for some extra layer and coverage if it's a little chilly.. and then it's a good transition piece into the summer when it gets really(who am I kidding ;)) hot as I can just wear the tank on it's own.

As for the 3/4 tights, I didn't love them quite as much as the top. The colours and the print are amazing and the fit was great with a drawstring waist(if you're someone like me who struggles with finding tights and shorts that don't slip down!). There is a lovely little mesh panel on the back for a bit of extra detail.

Whilst I did love the above details, there were a couple of downsides for me with these tights. The inside of the tights is white, so when the fabric is stretched, the white from the inside kinda washed out the print(I think you can only tell up close as photos don't show this issue). They also go a little see-through on the butt area when wearing dark underwear so a lighter coloured pair of undies is needed, works well and doesn't show through. It may be that because I have chunky thighs and a bigger butt, these two slight issue might not happen for others!
Despite the two issues I mentioned above, they're both otherwise good items and I've worn them countless of times when running. Get The Label will definitely be a website I keep in mind when I'm looking for some great sportswear deals! They actually have the Pure Boost X trainers I'm wearing in this picture for an great discounted price!

If you'd like to see what Get The Label has to offer, you can find their website HERE. There's also a link to their sportswear for Women HERE and Men HERE.

Question: Have you heard of Get The Label? How often do you find yourself buying fitness gear?

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