Training Diary #3


A very slow start to the week this week and a couple of double workout days which has become the norm for me lately as I get into the swing of doing all three sports! Lets get straight into what I did this week!

Typically, Monday is Swim Lesson day, however on bank holidays the pool isn't open that late so swim lessons are cancelled. I'd run and cycled the previous day so was feeling pretty wiped anyway.

My typical rest day during the week. I didn't need another rest day but took one anyway to be nice and fresh the next morning.

WEDNESDAY - CYCLE 8.14 Miles - SWIM 1875m
Headed out for a rather freezing cycle in the morning! It was 1 degree! The weather has been all over the place lately. My hands and feet were freezing by the end of the cycle, I'd planned on doing more than one 8 mile loop but I was way too cold!
I went to the usual ladies swim in the evening. The swim was great and I got in a decent amount of lengths. Thankfully I had no cramping issues! Im also alternating breaststroke and front crawl lengths with the intention of eventually doing more front crawl than breast stroke.. but my front crawl feels really weak in comparison.. Im trying to work on swimming speed too, Im gonna need to include some more drills into my swim practice I think!

I was pretty darn knackered after the cycle and swim, I took another rest day.

I went to my first Open Water Swim for the first time on Friday Evening. I was super excited but also super nervous about it being really cold!
I was right to be nervous about the cold.. it was horrendously cold! 12 degrees and even with a wetsuit, it took my breath away. It took at least half of the lake loop to adjust to the cold, i had brain freeze every time i put my face in the water.

I did a combination of breaststroke and front crawl, though I am getting better at doing more front crawl.. I just need to work on my sighting as I would veer off and then get disorientated.

SATURDAY - RUN 4.42 Miles - CYCLE 15.76 Miles
We were dog sitting on this past weekend, so we took Amber out in the morning for some exercise, a little slower than usual but it was nice and warm out and a lovely run down by the river.
Later in the afternoon, Phillip and I headed out for a cycle. I finally bit the bullet and went out on the busier roads. I'm fairly confident with the cleats now so wasn't too bad with the heavier traffic. It was SO nice to get away from the same route that I've been doing for ages!

SUNDAY - CYCLE 19.87 Miles

Headed out for a cycle with Phillip again in the afternoon. My butt was still a little sore from the previous days ride and at first, I didn't notice it too much until later on when it was pretty darn uncomfortable and I just became really whiney.. and rather teary on the final stretch home ;)

The actual ride was OK. Hills are definitely my downfall, I literally felt like I could run faster up the inclines that I was cycling up them. I need to work on my leg strength!
As for my soreness.. I've ordered some new shorts(I needed some anyway) and I'm looking into Saddles as they came as a recommendation. Hopefully the shorts will help though!


A decent week I think! As I said in my last training diary, I wanted to stick to the x2 rule and I've done that, i'll be continuing to try and keep to that per week at least.

I mentioned in an Instagram post at the beginning of my week that my training was not too dissimilar to training for a triathlon. I have a few races coming up(read my post HERE to see what they are) but I'm in the midst of trying to find a sprint triathlon to enter and hopefully it will keep my training focused.

I'll keep you updated with when I book one!

Question: Do you cycle? Do you ever have any soreness when riding? What has helped? Any tops for getting faster at swimming?

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  1. Perfecting your stroke without worrying about speed will help with swim efficiency & ultimately help with speed (this is coming from the professional swimmer that I am ha ha..not)


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