Training Diary #1


If you've been keeping up with my blog, you'd have seen my blog post on what I had coming up since my last race.

Since I've not just got running races coming up and I've started cycling and swimming too(with some swimming events coming up).. instead of doing training diaries for each event.. since I'd end up repeating myself within the different posts, I figured I'd just change the format of the post to have the training diary include a recap of any and all exercise I do throughout the week so it covers everything!

So, welcome to my first Training Diary post!

MONDAY - SWIM - 1025m
Mondays swim session was a bit of a fail to be honest. I arrived early for to get in some swimming before the lesson as I don't get to swim as much as I'd like. I was having some major issues with my normal goggles I usually use(the Aquasphere at the bottom). They were sucking to my eye socket too much and my eye lid kept touching the lens.. and they kept leaking. Im pretty sure I need new ones.

Thankfully, I always carry an extra pair in my bag.. in this case it's my open water goggles which did the job for the lesson. I'm in the midst of replacing my Aquasphere.

The lesson itself was OK. I focused on Front Crawl technique and did some drills with the kickboard as I want to swim faster with front crawl and apparently my stroke is fine but my kick could do with being stronger..

If you follow me on IG, you'll know I've been working(or in my case atm not really working) on my fear of jumping in the water. I failed last week AND this week.. I just couldn't muster the courage to jump in and it's terribly frustrating!

TUESDAY - REST - Always a rest day usually.. maybe not so much now that it's lighter in the evenings but the morning is always a no go.

WEDNESDAY - 3 mile RUN & 1850m SWIM
Double Workout day.. not really intentional but I woke up before my alarm for the first time in..ever? and fancied a run.. and if you ever get a day like that, you bloody well take it and go! So I did 3 miles with some glorious sunshine and felt great overall.

Then it was Wednesdays late women's only swim which has become my new favourite as it's not busy and I can get a decent swim in. Got in some decent distance but had major issues with cramping in my toes and hands during the swim.. been recommended to get some electrolyte tablets to put in my water, so I'm hoping that helps!

THURSDAY - REST - Unplanned. Not sure why I didn't do anything.

FRIDAY - REST - Took a rest day on the assumption that I would be parkrunning Saturday.. but totally forgot about Phillip being on call and not being able to go.

SATURDAY - 14.7 mile CYCLE
I was SO nervous for this cycle. It's been ages since I've been on the turbo.. even longer since I've been out on the road. The last time I went out on the road, I had normal pedals but I switched to cleats when turbo training and this was my first cycle with them.

I was FREAKING out before the cycle and worried I was gonna hit the deck. Fortunately I didn't. I loosened the tension on the cleats to make it easier to unclip. Surprisingly, it wasn't the unclipping that was causing issues, it was the clipping back in!

but I survived, thats the main thing and it reminded me that I really enjoy cycling.. so I'll be doing it more often now that the weather has warmed up!

SUNDAY - 5.65 mile RUN & 9.4 mile CYCLE
An AWFUL run! 5.65 miles of pure suffering. The temp had gone up 10 degrees in what feels like overnight(in reality a couple of days) and I was NOT ready for it. I hadn't hydrated properly either which is a major rookie error and I didn't take water with me. It was disgustingly hot, I felt lethargic and my head was pounding from being dehydrated.

We did include some 'sort of' fartlek training at the start and picked some parts to pick up the pace.. but as I got hotter and hotter, we just had to stop. I'll give it a go another time.

Later in the afternoon, I went out for another cycle. My butt was sore from the previous day and it was SUPER windy out where we rode but it was another successful trip with the cleats.


So, I had a 2, 2, 2 week, 2 swims, 2 cycles and 2 runs - thats all fine by me! Im trying to switch things up with my routine lately so Im happy with this. I'm hoping that not just focusing solely on running will maybe kickstart my weight loss.. so we will see what happens!

Question: Do you cycle? Have you ever used cleats? Any tips for clipping in/out? Anyone else have a fear of jumping into water?

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  1. Well done for not falling off your bike with the cleats!! lol sounds like a good training week overall too

  2. Well done Laura! Thanks for sharing this I love hearing about how people train :) Sounds like you had a productive week!

  3. @Hayley Gradwell Thanks! I was SO nervous but it really wasn't so bad! :D Just need to be consistent with getting out on the bike now!

  4. @Roslyn Rachel Thank you! I love reading about peoples training too! They always motivate me to get out!

  5. way to go Girl! you are such an inspiration!

    ♡Courtney Bentley ||


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