Monthly Stats // April '17


Gah! This month has been a total nightmare. Post half marathon ended with me being in a total unmotivated state, so I knew when it came to doing my stats this month that there wasn't going to be anything special to talk about but here it is anyway in all it's non-eventful glory.


Just like the human yo-yo.. I'm back down in weight this month. Though I'm happy to see it down though.. I thought I'd have had another gain after 4 days at my parents and less than ideal food situations(a lot of eating out) but maybe my extra efforts to exercise since I got back have made a difference.

Last Months Weight: 163.4 lbs
This Months Weight: 162.2 lbs
Difference in Weight:  - 1.2 lbs
Total lbs lost since my highest weight: 94.8 lbs

As I had mentioned last month.. my weight had gone up but then my measurements didn't appear to change like I expected. This month, exactly the same.. my measurements have come back down again and yet my measurements have stayed exactly the same. The weight fluctuations must be water weight or something as, otherwise it doesn't make much sense.

Last Months Plans:
In last months stats post, I mentioned that I wanted to start tracking calories again to keep tabs of what I was eating. I also mentioned that I wanted to start training. Neither happened.

I got into reaaal funk last month. After half marathon training was finished.. my motivation to do anything at all really dwindled. I usually have maybe an off few days before getting back on the bandwagon.. but it really seemed to last almost the whole month.

I've been getting back on track this month(all of four days, wowser ;)).. but it's still better than nothing!

This Months Plan:
I really don't know what to say for this section. The last couple of months, I feel like I've got all these plans laid out and don't really seem to be putting any of them to action...

I HAVE planned out everything I'd like to do in my bullet journal for this month. The weather is warming up.. I think I've established that my routine needs a shakeup to see if I can kickstart weight loss. I think my body has gotten used to so much running and not much of anything else.

So, I guess here's to switching it up. My bike is back from it's service over the weekend, so I can finally get back out on that to switch things up slightly and I've been trying to swim more too. If only I could get in that strength training... lets just see how it pans out shall we?

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