Training Diary // Cambridge Half Marathon // Week 10


A solid week of training this week. A had an iffy run this week and a really crap swim session but all in all happy about my training this week and felt very proud at the end of last week. I have 2 weeks until race day. My race bib arrived today so it's very real.. but Im feeling more prepared for a race than I ever have and that can only be a good sign.

Our regular swim coach was back this week and there was no silly lane split, thank god! We focused a lot on swimming drills and I came away with a lot of homework and things to focus on. We started with front crawl kickboard drills, I need to work on straightening up a bit. Apparently I arch my back(which was quite hard NOT to do when we had to keep our heads out of the water), the arching is causing some drag in the water and it would help if I didn't do it!

We moved on to some backstroke drills, first just kicking, which also needs work.. apparently I kick with my knees rather than my feet which isn't good technique.. I didn't even realise I was doing it!

I also need to work on my arms with backstroke, my arms come out looking like T-rex arms all tucked up instead of straight(sounds comical I know!).
All in all a good session!

I hadn't planned a run.. it was valentines day.. in the evening after work I decided I needed to work off some of my planned evening meal calories off so I went out for a quick run. 3 miles - 29:50 - 9:53 min/mi.. not bad and happy to be able to maintain under 10 min/mi for my runs lately.

THE most frustrating swim EVER. I went for a swim on my lunch break. First off I forgot to start my watch at the beginning of my swim.. didn't realise until 25 minutes in.. doh! Im guessing I did around 1200-1400m.

But lets talk about some things that happened! RANT TIME.
A guy jumped into the deep end of the fast lane with flippers on.. and then got out at the other end.. disappeared and then came back.. repeat. Annoying!

Countless people who do not know general pool etiquette piss me off so bad. If you're slower and theres someone right behind you at the end of your length, let them go first, damn! and especially if you're using a float!

Last but not least.. and most disgusting of all.. A guy jumped in the pool, cutting me up to start his first length and as I pushed off the wall, I could see a plaster float to the top of the water from him. Bloody hell! EW.

Hadn't planned on running but ended up heading out with Phillip late in the evening for a quick run. We spent the run chatting or him laughing at my expense as I really needed the toilet and had to keep stopping(I hate when that happens!).
Despite that, we did just under 5k(3.07) in 30:43 - 10 min/mi on the dot.

Parkrun day after a 2 week break. Lesson 1: Don't eat breakfast you've never run on before - My breakfast was repeating on me and didn't not sit well on my stomach. My legs felt completely fatigued on this run, I was totally lacking energy, most likely from the breakfast. I also wore 1 too many layers and was too hot and overheated so ended up with a headache. Generally not a great run but managed the 5k in 30:21 managing 9:58 min/mi average pace. Not too shabby given how I was feeling.
Headed out really early in the morning for my last long run before training. 11.47 Miles - 1:55:57 - 10:07 min/mi average pace.

Totally happy about how my run went! feeling proud of getting through all my long runs for this training cycle. Feeling rather positive about getting a good time for the half in two weeks.
I am feeling slightly nervous. I have mentioned on here and my social media that I'll be on for a PB if I can do the same in my race as I have been doing the last few weeks. However, I'm worried that Ive talked about it and it wont happen! Not that anyone is really going to be bothered other than me if I didn't.. but I've wanted it for ages and it would be pretty crap if I didn't do it.

So I'm keeping my fingers crossed.. but I need to not beat myself up about it if something doesn't go to plan on the day!
As an extra, I thought it'd be fun to do training vlogs every now and again to let people get a little insight into my runs, I filmed my 10 miler last week and t's live on my youtube to watch, i've embedded it below if you wanna check it out:

Im linking up with Courtney from Eat Pray Run DC again to share training diaries with other runners! So check out the linkup on her blog! :) Also, if you want to catch up on my other training diaries, you can find them all HERE.

Question: Do you prefer running on your own or with someone else? What do you typically have for food pre-run? 

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  1. MELISSA CUNNINGHAM21 February 2017 at 00:46

    Great job pushing through that 10 miler!! I think everyone feels the pressure to execute thier gowns on race day, especially when it's been posted online to be held accountable to! I'm nervous about my upcoming half as well. If I've learned anything at all it's that you have to run YOUR race on race day. Positive thinking works wonders! Trust your training, trust the process and know that you are strong enough to duke out 13.1 miles. No matter what the time is on the clock hold your head up high. If it's not the race you wanted or expected it to be, learn from it, don't dwell on it and have a redemption race lined up. Whatever happens on race day, you know you did the work and you will still be faster than everyone sitting on the couch!😜
    1 more long run to go Chica, you got this!!
    OH and that guy in the pool- did he have a bandsid come off? Please don't tell me he pooped in the pool!🤢

  2. Yay! Great week - you have this, lady!!

  3. Great job on your training. I guess it's normal to feel anxious to post goals so publicly. But at times can also be lucky charms to get you some extra positive vibes. You got this lady! All you gotta do is run... so just run! :)

  4. @Madhuri Thank you! Yes, I guess you're right, hopefully it'll be the added incentive I need! :)

  5. @MELISSA CUNNINGHAM Yes, I have to remember it's my time, if I do it, I do it, great! If not, I just need to make sure I've had to best experience in the process. Thank you!

    Yes, it was a bandaid! xD I'd have been absolutely mortified if he'd pooped! haha!

  6. LOL@ T-rex arms while swimming. I refer to myself as the human windmill for freestyle. In answer to your questions: I prefer to run with others but sometimes it's nice to run alone and clear my mind :) I typically eat toast with PB and a banana before a long run!

  7. I find it so hard deciding the best pre run fuel. Just don't want to eat something that will send me to the bathroom on the run! What did you eat before the parkrun? Don't work yourself up over this PB...just believe in your training and run your race...we all have good miles and bad miles...we learn from them all! Believe in yoursefl


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