Monthly Stats // February '17


It's February.. how on earth? This month flew by like a shot. Thankfully, I think things have gone positively well this month and I've really started to see some changes, both physically and mentally. This year has been off to a great start!

I'm back to my pre-christmas indulgence weight. I lost the 3 lbs I had gained over Christmas. I've had a couple of check-ins throughout the month and have stayed at a steady loss which is progress for me, there's been no yo-yo-ing on the scales, everything has been steadily go down which is great news to me.

Last Months Weight: 165.2 lbs
This Months Weight: 162.2 lbs
Difference in Weight:  - 3 lbs
Total lbs lost since my highest weight: 95.6 lbs

A change in measurements this month, this time going in the right direction! I've gone back down an inch on my waist and stomach, putting me, like my weight, back to my measurements in December.

I'm definitely happy about that and hopefully now I appear to be back on track and in the right frame of mind, I can start seeing more positive changes throughout the month of February!


Last Months Plans:
So, last months plan was to track my calories and tracking I have! I've tracked my food intake, good and bad for the last month. It's made me SO much more mindful of what Im eating and how much Im eating. i haven't been obsessed with it, I typically have my meals planned out that day and already input into MFP, if things change or I've eaten extras, I'll add them as I go. It's worked out really well for me, I've lost weight so It must be helping.

Im gonna continue tracking next month too until Im fairly certain I have everything under control.

This Months Plan:
So, towards the end of the month, I finally got around to doing a Kettlebell workout, I really don't understand why I put it off cause I really enjoyed it! I didn't quite enjoy the DOMS I had afterwards, but it's a sign of a good workout right?

I haven't done a kettlebell this week, only because I have a race this weekend and DOMS lasts a couple of days, I didn't want to miscalculate and not be at my best for race day so I postponed KBs until next week.

With this in mind, I really want to get in at least one 'strength' session per week. I've also written up a 30 day challenge for core, arms and legs in my Bullet Journal that I aim to do everyday for 30 days(this month plus an extra two days).
I've really neglected strength training and I know it will do good for my running and hopefully I'll build some muscle and get stronger overall.

I'm hoping for another great month. I've got a lot of running this month as the beginning of March is my first Half Marathon of the year, so I'll be doing some longer runs and speed sessions.

Lets see what I can do this month!

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  1. This is awesome - great job, well done :)

  2. That's a good progress for you, well done!


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