Training Diary // Cambridge Half Marathon // Week 5


It's week 5 of Cambridge Half training and it's only 7 weeks left until race day, it's coming up very quickly! I feel like I'm making good progress but it definitely could be better. Here's what went down last week:

My first lesson back since the new year and I must admit, it wasn't the best of lessons, I left feeling a bit sh*te about my progress. I realised afterwards that I was being a tad daft though.The lesson, for the most part was backstroke and then Butterfly.
I'm not horrible at backstroke but it's not my strongest - the issue was my butterfly, it's dismal. I was doing JUST legs and couldn't do it.. I tried just arms and couldn't do it either. When I tried both together I almost drowned myself.. ;) Apparently if you're a natural at breaststroke(waves), then you find it extremely difficult to get the technique for butterfly, I'm not sure how true that is.. but Im taking it as my excuse!

Headed out for an early morning run,earlier than usual. It was pitch black and looked quite cold so I wore a jacket. It was SO mild out! I was boiling and ended up having a headache and coming back early. Managed 5.2 miles.

Another run, this time without a jacket! and it ended up being the opposite and I was pretty darn chilly - the weather has been wacky this week! Did 4 miles which I was pretty happy about.

Turbo! I wanted to get in two turbo sessions this week and it just wasn't meant to be! We skipped park run as I had to pick up my laptop from it's FIFTH repair in the last 6 months(and as I type this blog post, I'm pretty sure it's still broken as my space key isn't working properly! :/ ).

The turbo session wasgood, I got in 7 miles before jumping off as the kitchen/dining area where I turbo was needed. Though it was probably a good idea with a looming long run!

Long run day! I put off the run due to the weather, it didn't let up so I had to go out anyway. It was pouring with rain - Typically, it takes about 2 miles for me to warm up properly, so I ignored my calf being tight..unfortunately it didn't go away so I dealt with an uncomfortable tightness for 4 miles before stopping to stretch it out - note to self, if it's right.. stop and stretch.
I felt so much better after stretching out! I met up with Phillip for the last half of my long run which really helped! I actually ran the last 4 miles quicker than my first miles AND ran my last mile as my quickest at 9:30 min/mi which I was super happy about!

If this long run is anything like my upcoming half marathon, I should be on for a good time.

Another week with no speed runs, not acceptable. I've mentioned before that I hate being out of my comfort zone. Intervals definitely take me WAY out of my comfort zone. I just need to suck it up.. It'll be over sooner than I know it, I'll feel better for it and it should help with my running..

So I'm gonna do it! ...And I bought a pair of lightweight shoes for speed training and races as I've been wanting a pair for ages, so I've no excuses now!
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Question: What do you enjoy doing as cross training? Do you enjoy interval/speed sessions?

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