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There's only 9 more days of 2016! And as usual, it's that time of the year where I recap and look back on the year and plan for the next year. I saw a couple of blog posts with peoples 'Year of Running' and thought it'd be a great idea! It's actually been a thing for the last couple of years and I never noticed! Doh!

So, I'm linking up with Courtney @ Eat Pray Run DC for My Year of Running 2016!

Before I get started with the questions/topics to talk about - I figured, since this is a  year of running, I'd just recap my run stats for this year.

Summary of 2016 Running:
Total Runs: 134
Total Mileage: 612 miles
Total Races: 6

Not bad going I would say! Im pretty happy with over 600 miles for the year and 6/12 races for the year isn't too bad, lets aim higher next year! Now lets get on to the linkup questions!

Best race experience: 
It would probably have to be the British 10K London - which became one of my favourite races,  not only because of the sights you get to see in London, but also because I generally just felt really good and actually enjoyed the whole race which doesn't happen very often! It was also the first time I filmed my race!
And did I mention that I love the Vitality Medals?!
Best run: 
I'd probably say Cyprus! Every time I go on holiday, Im eager to run, so I can say I've ran in different countries. However, two years ago in the Dominican Republic, I went running along the beach with Phillip and came back to find I was covered in massive water blisters all over my stomach and back. Not only was it disgusting, but it totally ruined my tan and put a downer on my holiday(until Phillip proposed! ;) ).

Ever since that holiday, I've been too scared to run on holiday for fear that I'd get those water blisters again.. until this year. I was sensible on holiday, didn't get burnt and went out running.. and I was totally fine! I ended up doing 4 runs in the 7 days we were there with 5 miles each run.. and it was a beautiful run I may add! Although it was super hot!
Best new piece of running gear: 
Not 'running gear' as such, but I'd say my GoPro! Every since I started filming my races, I've been enjoying myself so much more during races. I've never been a massive fan of running, I mostly did it to keep the weight off. Running is pretty gruelling and hard work for me. but since i've been GoPro-ing my races, it hasn't been so bad and I've enjoyed every run since!
Best running advice you've received:
I find lots of running advice for different blogs and on social media all the time, but the best piece of advice I've taken on board is actually from myself.. and it's to Run For ME!

I was so caught up in other peoples training, other peoples times, experiences, etc that I was getting really down and stressed out about my own running. I'd often have people asking me about goals, PB's, they'd go on about speed.. and it really put me under some pressure.

At the end of the day, everyone is different, with their own experiences and ways of doing things and I just want to run for me and run how I want to run at the speed that I want to run without any pressure. So thats what Im doing!

Most inspirational runner:
Another toughie! There are so many people that inspire me for lots of different reasons, whether they've achieved something massive, people who have run marathons, people running their first race! There's too many to mention.

Favourite picture from run or race:
This was the last race I did for this year and it was the Ely Festive 5K! It was a fancy dress race to raise money for the Arthur Rank charity and I dressed as a Christmas Tree! It was so much fun(but so hot in costume!) and I thoroughly enjoyed taking part(it was lovely to see all the children out watching everyone run by in fancy dress), I cant wait for next year, maybe I'll have an even better costume!
Race experience you would repeat in a heartbeat?
For a very different reason than would be expected.. but it'd have to be Run Hackney! I've done the Run Hackney Half Marathon the last 2 years.. and the last two years I've been defeated by this race and I've really struggled! Last year I did my personal worst time on RH.. so I've got a score to settle with this race. I'd love to properly prepare for the race and be able to run it without stopping(though the weather hasn't helped! it's been scorching).
If you could sum up your year in a few words, what would they be?
Half Hearted - I didn't really put my all into training this year which reflected in my performance for races, so I'd say it was a pretty half hearted effort.

Basic - Hardly any cross training, it was mostly just running and not much else, I didn't vary my runs very much and basically just didn't train very well!

Redeeming - Despite the above two, I did slightly redeem myself in the last couple of races, not in terms of performance, but in terms of doing things for me and actually enjoying running and races, which I haven't felt for a long time.

So there we have it! There's the majority of my running for 2016! It's not been a bad year overall, I've got another couple of races under my belt and some more medals on my rack(which is basically what I run for! ;) ).

I've a couple of races already booked for next year, I've a 10k at the beginning of Feb and then the Cambridge Half at the beginning of March - hopefully next year, my 'words for the year' will be a lot more positive!

Here's to another year of running!
Eat Pray Run DC Year of Running 2016
Don't forget to join in with Courtney's linkup and join in if you feel like recapping your running year!

Question: How would you sum up your year of running? Why do you run?

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  1. It sounds like you had an interesting year in running. Mine was low key and no pressure because I finally stopped signing up for marathons! I ran a few trail races and 5K's-- it was a wonderful year in running for me too.

  2. Love your pics and that you videoed your race! Thanks for linking up :)

  3. @Courtney Thanks! It's become a go to for races! Hope i can get in more races a film next year! :) It was great to linkup, glad I found it! :)

  4. @runwiki Sounds perfect! Sometimes it's nice to be low key and no pressure! :) I'd love to do a trail race at some point, we dont have too many around this area though!

  5. I think overall you had a great year... over 600 miles run! There are so many people who would be inspired by THAT fact alone... and then six races. That is awesome. Congratulations!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog... and let's see what 2017 has in store for us :)

  6. Well done on your running achievements for 2016! I'll look forward to following them along the way in 2017!

  7. @San Thanks! I definitely need to have more of a positive outlook rather than a 'ONLY 600 miles' attitude ;) So thanks for that reminder!

    Hope 2017 is a good one! x

  8. @Hayley Gradwell Thank you! :) I'm sure I'll post on my blog! Hope 2017 is treating you well so far! x


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