Weekly Recap #23


Well.. this week has been pretty sh*te for more reasons than one. For starters, my laptop has broken again(the 3rd time in 3 months, twice within 3 weeks, kill me now..) thankfully, I now have a new iMac thanks to my amazing other half as an early christmas present. Exercise hasn't been great and work has taken over a couple of my days, so this week has majorly suffered. Lets just get into it shall we?

Running - I ran 3 times this week. Go me! I ran on Tuesday(4.7 miles), Friday(5 miles) and Today, Sunday(5 miles). So I got in some decent mileage this week which is OK!
I also took my new GoPro out which has some lovely upgraded features so there may be a little blog up on my channel as I play around with movie settings on the iMac.

Swimming - I went swimming once this week for my swimming lesson and didn't get any other swimming in during the week. Swimming lesson was OK, I hadn't been swimming in two weeks and I could definitely tell the difference as my stamina had definitely dropped and I was struggling to do consecutive lengths without having to have a breather.

My food slipped this week. I just wasn't in the mood this week. I've been in a bad mood for most of the week and I've mentioned several times before here on th blog that I tend to comfort eat when I am moody, so this week had some less than stellar choices.

Don't think we need to go into too much detail here, it's just not been good.

Moving on!

As I mentioned, I have the worse luck in the world and my laptop broke again so I haven't had any way of getting up a blog post until now. If you're a blogger and use blogger, you'll probably know already that the app is crap and limited, I just couldn't work with it! Should be back to normal this week now I've got a means of writing blog posts!

Well, to be fair, there hasn't been much this week that has been my favourite as such.. so can I count the iMac as my favourite even though I've only had it a day? It was a tough decision as to whether I wanted to buy a desktop type PC or another laptop. I decided I might have more luck with a desktop type PC and decided to go for Apple as I've heard they're a lot more reliable than Windows. I shouldn't need to update this in a while and hopefully I don't have any problems with it.
When my laptop is back from repair, it'll be used for travelling for the most part and nothing else. I may end up getting rid of it and getting a tablet but we will see what happens.

OK, so last week I wrote a plan here for what I wanted to do last week exercise wise. That definitely didn't happen! I managed 1 swim and 3 runs, no turbo and no cross training. A sucky week.

It gets old setting the same thing for my to go list each week, especially when I didn't meet the things I wanted to do.

Im switching things up for next week. I have the week planned out for exercise anyway - so you'll see what i get up to in next weeks post, but there's some things I want to do this week.

Next Weeks To Do:
-  Drink More! - Not just water, but just anything, I've not been drinking a lot this week and it's probably one of the reasons why Ive been feeling so groggy  and moody this week. I need to drink some more water and maybe drink some tea - I got some more Yogi Tea flavours so I've got an excuse to drink some more tea now when Im not feeling cold water.

- Be concious of food choices - Preferably no christmassy food(chocolate coins). I have a Work Christmas Dinner on Friday, so I can be excused on that day but I want to make sure I try not to go overboard on crap this week. December is just the worse month ever for food choices, there's way too much temptation.

On another note following on from that, I've totally lost my weight loss mindset. My motivation is lacking and has been for quite a while and I just don't have my head in the game. It sucks, majorly and I need to get back into the swing of things!

Question: Do you have off days? or an off week? How do you combat it?

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