Training Diary // Cambridge Half Marathon // Week 2 Recap


Coming at you slightly late for an update on my training plan going into week two of training, I lost track of days and didn't realise it was Thursday! Oops! I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!

Unfortunately, as was to be expected, training hasn't gone to plan this week due to Christmas holidays and also due to me getting sick! Everything was severely lacking this week and I was feeling horribly under the weather, so I'm off track!

Lets have a look at what happened this week anyway!

Swim Lesson - Had my last swimming lesson of the year - and it was the time to practice anything we think we needed to work on. I ended up doing quite alot of drills with a float to focus on breathing as I said that I felt like I was gasping for air when holding my breath between strokes.

It seemed to go OK but after some advice, I may try just breathing on one side every 2 strokes - I currently breathe bilaterally every 2 strokes and feel like I'm bursting for air before the 3rd stroke, so i will see what that is like, it may end up being worse! I do need to try and get into the pool sometime before my next swimming lesson on the 9th though, otherwise it will be at least 3 weeks without swimming!

4 Mile Run - Went for 4 miles with the dog and Jane. I kept it nice and easy and didn't push the pace too much as the dog can't run very far and it was quite an enjoyable run.
Turbo - I finally(!) got back on the turbo after weeks and weeks of not going on it! and boy was it tough! I only did a 6.5 mile course and I was DONE! I was exhausted and definitely need to make sure I get on it more often!
REST - I could feel the beginnings of a cold coming on.. I probably should have ran but ended up sitting it out. I wish I hadn't as I didn't know I wouldn't run again in a while!

REST - Cold got worse

Walking and Pulling Suitcase.. aka REST - I was travelling that day and didn't bother running in the morning as I definitely wasn't feeling up to it!

Christmas Day - REST - It's typically tradition with Phillip and Jane to run on Christmas Day before indulging on food.. I wasn't at home for Christmas, I was at my parents.. so I couldn't run with them.. but I was also feeling very ropey with my cold so there was no chance!
SO Adorable <3
I did spend most of the afternoon and evening running around after my adorable little niece, so I suppose that counts slightly!

She is growing up so so fast! She's nearly two! TWO!

So, as far as this week is concerned, I'm back to normal running wise, I have been running twice already this week now that the cold is easing up - I did miss a long run last week which I wasn't massively happy about so I definitely need to make sure I get one done this weekend.

Swimming I know is a no go for this week as I'm not at home and the weekend is out but may be able to fit in a turbo session and home workout to make up for the lack of activity last week.

I'll update you at the beginning of next week with how training has gone for this week.

Question: Anyone training for events? How has your training gone over the Christmas Period?

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  1. To be honest I haven't done much over Christmas period but it's great to see people motivated and willing to continue with their routines. Such a shame about the cold though, the worst time to have it! Happy New Year Laura!

  2. @Petra / Be Healthy Now I've had a pretty hard time staying motivated to run and i've found that I've been going out with other people in order to get the runs in, I think motiviation kinda dwindles for everyone over Christmas! I always seem to get a cold at this time of the year and I know loads of others that have gotten it too, really bad timing!

    Happy New Year! Hope you had a great Christmas! x

  3. Hope you are feeling better! I'm doing a weekly training recap linkup - goes live each Sunday. You should join!

  4. @Courtney Totally missed this comment! I will definitely join in with the weekly training linkup! Sounds great! I'm STILL not over being sick but Im done with waiting, so back to regular training again! ;)


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