Training Diary // Cambridge Half Marathon // Week 1 Recap


Week One of Cambridge Half Marathon training is complete.. it didn't go to 'plan' and I say that based on the exercise I did.. as technically I don't have a plan to stick to, just exercise I should do during the week.

Incase you missed My Training Plan post, here's what I'd ideally like to do each week:
3 x Run(Tempo, Interval/Hill, Long Run),  2 x Cycle, 2 x Swim, 1 x Home Workout.

So.. here's how this weeks training went:

Swim Lesson - Had my usual swim lesson as usual. We did a lot of swimming drills, something I think I need to to more of! We did a couple of lengths with a kickboard, doing just legs and it was SO tough! Definitely need to work on strengthening my legs!

4.5 Mile Run - Went along the river, which was SO muddy - Went with Jane and the dog(Amber). It was lovely and mild out, but the run was pretty slow. Amber ended up rolling in something for 5 minutes, not once, but twice, meaning I had to stand there shouting for her twice.
Yucky, muddy feet!
Rest Day

4 Mile Run - There really wasn't much to say about this run to be honest. I averaged my race pace(under 10:18min/mi)for the half marathon for all 3/4 of the miles, with the last mile being my fastest mile at 9:50 pace.

5 Mile Run - Not the best of runs to be fair. I've always said that my legs/body doesn't agree with running consecutive days in a row. My legs were really tired and I just wasn't feeling it - it was a good job Phillip came out with me otherwise I probably would have stayed in bed!
Im obsessed with this new long sleeved running top i won from a giveaway - it makes me feel so festive! It's not too christmassy, so i may still wear it after the new year! It's from RedBear Sports if anyone is interested!

Lots of Walking - had a wedding to go to at the weekend. There was a lot of walking and rushing around catching tubes. I spent most of the day on my feet!

7 mile run - We were in London as I mentioned above and we stayed overnight, so Sunday morning, we decided to head out for a London Run! I was supposed to do 5 miles.. but Phillip wanted to do 7 miles. Also! who would have known that London traffic was so busy at 7:30am on a Sunday, I didn't realise as I only ever run in London for races. It was so busy!
Had to get that Tower Bridge/Christmas Tree selfie.. failed getting the xmas tree!
We ended up running 3-ish miles out and along the Thames from the hotel and then doing the same route back(making 7 as we got lost trying to do the same route back, typical). I actually enjoyed it and was surprised that I didn't really struggle with the distance, which is a good sign, it must be these 5 mile runs Ive been doing. I definitely could have run for longer.

So, as you can see, there's been no Turbo, no home workouts and only 1 swim as extra BUT I did get in an extra run. That doesn't quite make up for the fact that I didn't really do a Tempo run or an interval/hill run either though.

Since I don't have any interruptions this week(except Im travelling home for Xmas this weekend) - this should be a better week.. plus this was exactly the reason why I started training early incase I messed up. I just hope I don't make this a regular thing!

I plan on getting back on the Turbo game tomorrow morning, my alarms are set and I'll be ready to go! Im also considering doing my Long Run on Friday so as I don't particularly want to do it on Christmas Day.. and I'll be travelling Saturday! Good job I have a flexible training plan! :)

Question: What do you consider a Tempo Run? I always see differing descriptions!

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