Weekly Recap #22


A busy week at work and a rather lax can't be bothered attitude outside of work as a result of stress. I tend to let stress get the better of me and really should learn to nip that in the bud as it really isn't great. But it's over and done with now and it'll be a new week, hopefully a better one.. and hopefully less stress on the lead up to Christmas.

Running - I ran 4 times this week. All on the last 4 days, which is never a good idea fro me.. and I wouldn't have actually gone out had I not had company. On 3 of the days,  I ran with Phillip or his mum. I probably wouldn't have gone otherwise. But I got 4 runs in, so I suppose it's not all bad.

Turbo - Once this week. was supposed to be twice but then I got caught up in some editing that took way longer than usual today so I didn't end up getting on it again today.
I hadn't been on the Turbo for just over a week and I have to say I've missed it and deffo need to make sure I get on it a couple of times a week. I think I've figured out a good schedule of which days to run/cycle/swim so hopefully I'll try it next week.

I didn't swim at all this week. I  typically go to my swimming lessons on a Monday evening but got stuck in Cambridge picking up my laptop from repair. We ended up going out for dinner(Phillip and I don't go out for dinner all that often) and I ended up with terrible stomach ache afterwards so I skipped my swim.

I went to an all you can eat world buffet on Monday - Not the best of ideas but it was pretty good and I'm not guilty, it was nice to go out with Phillip for once.

I've not eaten a great deal during the day all week to be honest as I've been really busy with work that I find I have no time to really eat anything!

I thought that the weekend would be my downfall, but I've managed to rein it in and apart from a slice of cake at the weekend, I've been pretty good and I've managed to stay away from any unnecessary food that I don't need.

I did quite well this week, I posted twice and finally got up a Youtube video! you can find them below if you need a catch up:
Home Fit Kit Essentials
What's In My Swim Bag?
Race Vlog // Ely Festive 5K

In a rush to get some quick lunch before a meeting, I picked up a John West Steam Pot and it was lovely. It's couscous with a Tuna Infusion pot. filled me up really well and tasted great. Ingredients weren't hideous either, I'd definitely buy one again!
I didn't post one of these posts last week so didn't have a to-do list as such, so we'll skip straight on to my to-do for this week instead.

I've got my exercise planned out for next week. After no swimming and just 1 turbo session with all my running squished in at the end of the week, I came up with a fool proof plan for exercise next week based on routine over the last couple of weeks so I know I can fit them in. This is the only thing I want to nail this week, so here it is:
Monday - Morning: Kettlebells - Evening: Swimming
Tuesday - Morning: Run - Evening: Turbo
Wednesday - Morning: Swim
Thursday - Morning: Run - Evening: Turbo
Friday - Morning/Eve: Kettlebells
Saturday - Morning: Run - Evening: Turbo
Sunday - Morning: Run - Evening: Turbo

This may seem like a lot.. but I've got two options for most of the days and I don't have to do both and I can pick a rest day if I need one. I know the times of day that are more appropriate for the activities I want to do.

Running is definitely a morning thing, I hate running in the evening. If I leave  it to the evening, it's not likely to happen.

Turbo is best on a Tuesday and Thursday evening when Phil;lips mum is in bed and the weekend is a free for all.

I'll update you next week with what I get up to!

Question: Do you have a schedule that you stick to for workouts? Do you have rest days?

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