Weekly Recap #21


Such a busy, whirlwind of a week! This week has flown by, I've been so busy and flustered with work that I really don't have much to show of anything for this week. The week ended on a bit of a downer too. I'm gonna get straight into it.

Running - I ran once this week. Definitely wasn't my aim for this week. I typically run 3 times a week and I didn't get in any other runs. I definitely didn't anticipate a busy week and then my weekend went less to plan, so I just couldn't run again.

Swimming - I swam once this week. My swimming lesson. I feel as though there wasn't too much going on. We had someone taking over the coach that we now have and they'd never done an adult lesson before, there was a lot of talking about technique and not enough practising of said talked about techniques.. I suppose that's what happens when there are so many people in the class and only half an hour to fit it in. We should be back to normal next week.

Cycling - Or I should say Turbo - I did the turbo trainer twice this week and it's absolutely killer. I got the Bkool Pro for those that are interested. I love it, I love the virtual training part of it and being able to ride routes all over the world and it automatically adjust resistance if you're going up hill or downhill.
The upside to this, is I can very easily set it up in the morning or evening if I want to do another workout or if I miss a run like I did today.

The downside? It's friggin expensive. After paying for the trainer, I've had to order an ANT+ dongle for my Ipad as Apple tablets aren't ANT compatible(FS Apple, sort it out!), I've also had to get a turbo tyre and inner tube to replace our normal road tyre so it doesn't wear. There's a lot of faffing about with changing bikes over so we are going to try just putting the one bike on the trainer - Phillips(since he wont fit on mine), but he has clip pedals so I've had to buy some shoes to go on them - and this may not even solve our problem, it totally depends on whether I 'fit' on his bike, I may not, in which case I'll still have to buy ANOTHER turbo tyre and inner tube and another quick release to fit the turbo.


If anything has been sort of good this week, it's my food choices. I was good up until this weekend, mostly because I was so busy at work that I didn't have chance to have any sort of snacks.

The weekend was a little worse, I was totally stressed out this weekend, things just kept going wrong! I broke my laptop again for the second time in 2 months, the same issue as the last time, so I think something is up with it!  It meant I couldn't use the turbo trainer until the laptop was fixed, I managed to get round it by using my teenie tiny phone screen but it's really annoying!

My backup old machine I have stopped working, so I've had to fuss around fixing that too, hence why the post is late!

I also lost some important paperwork I needed this weekend too so spent QUITE a long time hunting them down and getting terribly stressed out! This week has just not gone to plan.

My food choices are whack when I'm stressed. I've had a Krispy Creme donut(yum though!), some chocolate coins and some other bits.. I really should learnt to control myself when I'm stressed out!

No new posts this week due to laptop breaking issues and no way of getting onto my blog to complete and publish posts(the blogger app for my phone is absolutely terrible!)

I got sent some 53% protein bars* from Multipower and I've been really enjoying them after workouts. They've got a Nougat/Fudgey texture to them, quite chewy and I quite like that. Flavour is pretty decent - I've not yet got round to tryig the berry one but I've tried the other 3 flavours and I think they're pretty decent, coconut is my fave!
As the name of it suggests, It's 53% protein, there's about 27g of protein per bar which is awesome! Calorie wise, there's around 200 calories per bar - so quite a bit but not that much different from other protein bars on the market. I think they're pretty decent!

Last week, I was supposed to be tracking calories.. as I mentioned in last weeks post, I has already planned out my meals and such for the week and they did actually go to plan. I hardly had any snacks during the week due to being so busy and I didn't bother counting the naughty weekend I had.. I'll start a fresh next week.

Triple 2 - I've planned it out and I know what I'm doing for next week. I'm hoping for 2 runs, 2 swims and 2 cycles(turbo). I've figured out the days that will work best for each in the hope that they work out OK. Ill see whether my plan works out properly or not!

Lunch time stroll -  After last week took its toll on me, I really want to make sure I get in a lunch time walk, even if it's only 5-10 minutes to stretch my legs. I feel like I'm just sat down constantly and hardly moving! Convinced I'll feel so much better if I get out for a break and clear my head.

I'm praying for a week not like this week! :/

* Disclaimer: I received the Multipower 53% Portein Bar samples for free. As always, my opinion is my own and is not affected by items gifted to me. 

Question: Do you walk on your lunch break? what other ways do you take a break from the stress?

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