Weekly Recap #20


A bit of a miss this week. Didn't hit the things I wanted to do this week with no excuses for not doing them.. eating is slipping too. I'm not being mindful enough of what I'm eating. So I'm going back to basics for this week..

Running - Ran 3 times this week. Would have been 4 but I left the run far too late last night and I forgot about it getting dark earlier.. and we all know what day it was yesterday.. I hate fireworks.. so trying to run with them going off wasn't going to happen. But I got in 3 days this week so I'm not complaining!

What I will say it's that it's gotten bloody cold these last couple of days and the layers are now out!

Swimming - Went for my lesson this week and that was the only time I hit the pool. Not good enough. I almost didn't go swimming this week as the fog was horrendous on Monday. I made it safely though. The lesson went OK. Our usual swim teacher appears to have left.. I'm not entirely sure why but someone else has taken over and it can be hit a miss when we get someone else, but it's been OK!
We did a bit of everything in the lesson -including tumble turns.. I hate them! I put it off until I was the last person to do it - I tried it once.. and got water up my nose. hate hate hate.. We were asked to do a backwards one too but there was no chance I was doing it after seeing everyone else struggle. If I can't do it forwards.. I certainly can't do it backwards.. I need some more practice!

Slipped slightly this week food wise. I went back to having too much 'bready' type foods this week. A couple of days, instead of porridge, I've been having a 'toastie' type thing thats got mixed fruit etc in it for a bit of a change up and totally fine.. but I've also changed soup brands this week due to the others coming off their cheaper offer.. and the soups I bought didn't fill me up on their own..so I had more bread. So bread for breakfast and lunch is definitely not a great option.

In terms of snacks, I've had a few too many sweets this week.. including a couple of Kinder Buenos..no wonder I don't lose weight! I'm cutting it out this week.. I'll mention more in my 'to-do section!

Blog post wise, I think I've done alright this week, thankfully! Here's what I posted:
Monthly Stats // November
My Running Bucket List

So.. the Youtube part I mentioned last week.. I had totally good intentions and it was going OK and then I totally forgot towards the end of the week so only have a few days worth of my 'week in workouts'.. so that didn't happen but I'll try again next week!

3-in-1 Toastie/Panini/Waffle Maker! - It was only £15 from Aldi and I bloody love it! I've been really enjoying having toasties/Panini's at lunch on the weekends. It's a shame I can't have them during the week too! I haven't tried the Waffle Maker part of it yet, there's a recipe for waffles in the Lean in 15 book I have that look amazing so I may have a go at them some time this week! Either way, it's been one of the best purchases I've made in a while!
So, last week I had the following two things for my 'to do'.
Swim and Cycle Twice
Plan ahead/Get more organised 

I swam once and cycled zero. I have no excuses, I just didn't do it when I should have. In fairness - I did want to go out on the bike towards the end of the week and the weather turned a bit shitty - I'm looking into buying a turbo trainer this week.. then I will literally have no excuses for not cycling as I can do it from a warm house!

As far as the planning is concerned, I think I've done OK. I have been more organised in the mornings, I've had my work stuff out ready so I'm not fussing about trying to find something to wear for work - I've had my breakfast all prepared and ready to take with me. I've made a calendar/spreadsheet sort of thing with what I 'hope' to do for the rest of the month with a sort of check list style - I've planned out workouts and I check them off If I do them. It's stuck to the wall above my computer to remind me that I need to do them!

For this week..

In the hopes that I follow my spreadsheet correctly and start to do the workouts I have planned, I want to start tracking calories.. again! I think I'm probably eating too much food without actually realising, so I've planned out main meals for this week that are already tracked and will add anything else in that I eat like snacks.. though I'm gonna cut out all sweet treats, I tend to have a couple of small cake slices during the week and they're probably not needed.. and they don't do anything to really satisfy me long.. so I'm going cold turkey on them!

I've got some mixed nut/fruit packets to have as snacks in the hopes they maybe keep me fuller.. and they have better nutritional content too, so we'll see how I get on.

Question: Do you eat snacks throughout the day? How many? Whats your go-to snack?

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  1. I haven't swam once since my last triathlon in August.reading about it here makes me miss it. Since I only got 2 workouts in this week, I'd say you are doing great!

  2. May I ask what soup brands do you normally buy? I recently discovered Soupologie which I think it's a really good soup brand (I also just wrote about it on my blog if interested).
    In terms of snacks I tend to have fresh fruits, nuts and Nakd bars or similar.

  3. Sim @ Sim's Life9 November 2016 at 10:57

    I have seen those toastie makers in Aldi and have considered buying one - my mind is made up now! Carbs are my absolute downfall too, but so much needed in this weather. Looks like you have had a fab week exercise wise, you are certainly keeping me motivated! Sim @ simslife xx


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