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few weeks ago, I booked my first two races & half marathon of 2017. I also found out I didn't get into London Marathon again(boooo!). I've been looking into what races I want to do for next year and it actually got me thinking about a race bucket list and what races/types of races I'd love to do.

So, whilst I planned out next years race calendar, I also made a bucket list of all the running races that I'd like to complete at some point(probably not next year but sometime in the future). I'm sure I'll add more to the list over time when I find different races I want to do, but here's whats at the top of my list thus far!

1) London Marathon -  I NEVER thought that this would be on a bucket list of things I want to complete for running, if you'd have asked me 5 years back when I was 250+lbs, I'd have probably laughed, but now I've lost the weight and I've been running for a few years, it's definitely become a 'goal' as such to complete a Marathon and in particular the London Marathon.
Photo Credit: London Marathon
I've watched it on the TV since I started running and although it sounds absolutely grueling, it looks like such an amazing race to do and would be a massive accomplishment - the atmosphere looks amazing too!

I don't particularly enjoy long distance running.. Half Marathons are extremely hard work for me and imagining having to run another half marathon after finishing one scares the sh*t out of me! I'm fairly certain at this point that I only want to do one marathon and it may as well be London! Maybe I would change my mind after completing one but right now I'm thinking I'll be happy with one! ;)

2) Disney Races - I've wanted to do a Disney race, ever since I started running. I LOVE Disney and fun fact..I've never been to Disneyland Paris OR Florida! So being able to do this whilst running sounds like an amazing time! It sounds like so much fun running round the park and seeing all the different characters and the bling looks AWESOME too! I definitely wouldn't mind some of that on my wall!
Photo Credit: Run Disney
3) Obstacle Course Race - I've kinda grouped this, just because there's so many out there and I've got a couple on my list! Tough Mudder/Spartan/Insane Terrain/Zombie Evacuation to name a few..

I'd really love to do an Obstacle Course Race at some point, they look like fun.. but also hard work! I've watched Phillip do one before and he loved it. I imagine something like this takes a lot of training to get over the different obstacles.. so maybe one day I'll train for one!

4) Wings for Life -  I saw a couple of bloggers that had done this race last year and I really like the concept! The fact that you don't know when the race will finish as the finish line is behind you(a car!) is such a different concept to a normal race where you have a specific distance that you have to run. The Wings For Life Run is actually in Cambridge next year.. which almost makes it fate that it should be added to my race calendar for next year?!
Photo Credit: Wings For Life
5) 24 Hour Relay Race - Spitfire Scramble/Monster Ambit - Another race that I've seen a couple of bloggers do(the UK Fitness Bloggers had a team at Spitfire Scramble) - it sounds like a great idea to have a relay type race - for 24 hours you basically do as many laps as you can as a team and you get to hang out with some awesome people too!

The only thing slightly worrying is.. I only typically run once in a day.. not twice or more times so not sure how my legs would cope with that! ;)

6) Cakeathon! - We're beginning to get onto a trend here as I feel like I'm very race inspired by bloggers on this post - but I came across Cakeathon when it was being spoken about on twitter a while back and this sounds RIGHT up my street. Running AND Cake? What is not to love?! and can we just take a second to admire the bling!
Photo Credit: Saxon Shore
Cakeathon is a 4.6 mile loop, you basically run as many loops as you'd like within an 8 hour period and there's cakes for fuel! WHAT?! I definitely want to do this one! That medal will be on my rack at some point!

So, there's six of the races on my bucket list. I'm sure that I will be inspired by other runners and I'll end up with an even bigger list.. maybe at some point I'll do an updated post!

Of course, this list only has running races and I'm like a wannabe triathlete now?( ha ;) ).. so I've got a couple of Triathlons I'd love to do and some cycling events too - maybe I'll do another post for them!

Question: Do you have a race bucket list? What is a race you'd really love to do? Any you'd recommend?

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  1. Ahhhh Laura, you need to try OCR - It's so much fun, I do struggle/have to miss out some obstacles but try one next year!
    I also find half marathons really tough, I think if I was going to run another it would most certainly be Disney and I guess you could say that's on my bucket list! :D

  2. @Katie G I've seen your IG/Blog posts on the races, sounds like a blast! I will probably try one next year! Yeah, half's are really tough on me, Anything over 10k distance is not my thing.. but I kinda do them anyway for the challenge, hah!

  3. Corey @ Learning Patience7 November 2016 at 22:47

    Never heard of Wings for Life..thanks for adding it to my bucket list! I did my 1st Disnesy run (in paris ) this year and loved it. x


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