Monthly Stats // November '16


This month has flown by and I don't really have much to show for it. I hate when that happens. As much as I've been staying active, I haven't been doing enough, it hasn't been varied and haven't been motivated to do much other than run. I need to start making more of an effort this month!

We're back up again, just like a yo-yo which comes as no surprise. Without getting into too much detail.. I'd not been to the toilet when I weighed in today, so I suspect there's some extra weight that wouldn't necessarily be there. Either way it's documented anyway - I may weigh in again tomorrow and update if it changes any.

Last Months Weight: 162 lbs
This Months Weight: 163.8 lbs
Difference in Weight:  - 1.8 lbs
Total lbs lost since my highest weight: 94 lbs

I'm pretty thankful that despite the gain in weight, it hasn't translated to any increase in measurements this month. Funnily enough, my tan from my holiday last month makes it look like there are some very slight differences but its literally just is because a tan and lighting makes everything look better.

I wasn't expecting any differences to be honest.. but as always, it needs to be documented.

Last Months Plans:
So, last month I wanted to make sure that I didn't overeat on holiday and to make sure that I get back to normal eating post holiday to keep the weight off. I didn't overeat and I didn't gain weight on holiday as I updated in last months post and my eating was OK post holiday, so I think I actually did good for once!

This Months Plan:
Home Workouts - I've been a total slacker on this and it's really frustrating. I did a kettlebell workout earlier on in the month and usually, as soon as it's been done once, I normally carry on doing it but I've really become a lazy sh*t when it comes to anything other than running!

My running has been on point, I've been running a lot, but it's not going to get the weight off on it's own and it wont build me up any muscle. I'd really like to gain some more strength to help with my running/cycling/swimming that I'm doing and if I'm not doing any home workouts or kettlebell workouts, it's just not going to happen!

I've had a serious pep talk with myself and I'm ready to stop being lazy and get this show on the road. I've a spreadsheet all written up today with what I hope to achieve for the rest of the month. I'll update on it next month and let you in on what I've done.

At the end of the day - if I don't start doing it, I can't want it bad enough, so we will see what happens and what I decide! 

Do I want it enough? Do I want to gain strength and muscle? Yes? Well bloody well put in the work!
Question: Do you have a quote or motto that really resonates with you? Any that motivate you when you're off track?

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  1. I always find going to the toilet makes a big difference, sometimes I weigh in and then weigh again after using the toilet too :) Bit of an overshare but needs must haha.
    Thats an amazing loss since you started though.
    Thanks for linking with #WeightLossWednesday

  2. Really like the idea of that spread sheet, Laura. I might try that myself. Have you any you could share? Lovely to meet through the link up at Sim's Life :)

  3. Sim @ Sim's Life3 November 2016 at 12:12

    What a really motivational post! Thank you so much for linking this up with #WeightLossWedndesday! You can definitely see more definition in the pictures and clearly you did ridiculously well on holiday! You have had such an incredible weight loss journey so far - a 94lbs loss is incredible and goes to show how determined and motivated you are! I wish you well with this week and hope you can join in again with the linky next week, it's great to see your progress and you are helping me to keep focused too, thank you! Sim xx

  4. You still did well though considering the fact that you didn't gain weight on holiday. When I go on holiday I tend to eat way too much but at the same time I am really active so it doesn't translate into weight gain. Recently I've also been feeling a bit unmotivated, it's this cold weather and dark days! I am continuing to cycle to work and back and doing my lunch walks but that's pretty much it. I really need to go back to my home workouts and gym sessions!

  5. I think you;ve done really well as going on holiday is the biggest killer to weight loss. A tiny bit of a gain is nothing and you can lose that easy, I'm sure of it.

  6. @Zoe Lester Thanks! Yes, it deffo makes a massive difference - I'll try to join in on the linkups each month - i don't tend to check in every week - rather every month but I'll check in with you guys anyway! :)

  7. @Pempi I'll get something into a format in an actual document(its all on paper currently) and I'll find a way to share it online - it's basically just calendar format with check boxes for different things I want to do each day throughout the month like making sure I get 8 glasses of water, having my runs/cycles/swims all planned out - I'll let you know when I put something together! :)

  8. @Sim @ Sim's Life Thanks! :) I've gained weight since I had surgery 2 years ago and It's been near impossible to get it back off - I'm about 20 lbs heavier than I was, so it's been a real struggle.. but hopefully something will give! :) I'll catch up with the linkup next week but I only tend to check in(post wise) every month :)

  9. @Petra / Be Healthy Now thanks! Holidays are really hard, I was quite disciplined this time round as I didn't want to gain anymore weight! and I did a lot of swimming, running and walking too so I think that helped a lot!

    Yes, the cold/darkness really demotivates me too. I dont know what it is about home workouts recently but I just can't bring myself to do them but I know that they will really help with my stength. Need to just do it and stop putting it off! ;)

  10. @Hannah Atkinson thank you! Yes, previous holidays I've gained weight and I've been struggling to get the weight back off the last couple of years so I was determined to make sure I didn't this year! It was tough but totally worth it to be a bit more disciplined.


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