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Whether you've just started out with fitness, or you've been in the fitness game a while, having a Home Fit Kit around can turn out to be very useful and convenient to have in the house.

A Home Fit Kit is essentially tools/equipment/products that you buy to have at home that you can use to get in a workout, similar to a Gym Kit Bag or Swim Kit Bag that you have, with all your essentials for the gym/swim.

For those starting out out, whether you just want to live a healthier lifestyle or if you're starting to lose weight, a home fit kit can be a good place to start with easing into exercise without spending too much money straight off the bat. At the beginning of my weight loss, I primarily used home fit kit essentials as a way to lose weight until exercise became slightly easier and I decided to start running. Though, I still use the items today for cross training!

Similarly, a home fit kit can provide benefits to those that are already into fitness too.Whether you're running short on time and need a quick workout, or if you're really not feeling going out for a run/cycle or travelling to the gym in the awful weather we've been having recently, a fit kit can be a real saviour!

You can build a very basic fit kit for relatively cheap and you can build it up over time depending on whether you chose your home as your primary place to workout - some people do!

Personally, apart from the bigger items I use for running, swimming and cycling like my shoes, bike, wetsuit, that don't really need replacing very often, I hardly spend any money at all on fitness. I don't have a gym membership and I only have a £20 a month membership for my swimming lessons/swimming.

Overtime, I have built up some 'Fit Kit' essentials that I use to maintain a healthy, active lifestyle and provide a quick, easy and convinient way to workout whilst still being tough! I figured I'd share what I think are some perfect essentials to build your own Home Fit Kit..
Skipping Rope - A fab, quick way of getting in some cardio! Skipping ropes can be perfect as a warm up before a workout.. or even as part of a workout itself(like HIIT training). You can pick up a skipping rope cheap from loads of different places! There are tonnes of workout videos online that incorporate skipping as a full workout or part of a workout.

Core Sliders* - These lightweight little discs from BeastGear are brilliant for getting in a tough workout! There are so many different exercises and variations of exercises that you can do with these! You can use them on carpets and hard wood floors too and they slide like a dream!  I've been using them for a while now and they're intense, especially for core workouts! I've definitely noticed a difference in my core strength, even just using them for short ab workouts here and there.
Ankle Weights - These are a great way of enhancing a body weight workout! The extra weight on your ankles forces you to exert more force than usual for particular moves and increases the intensity of those moves for a better overall workout.

Resistance Bands - Fantastic for beginners or advanced, you can buy some resistance bands with different levels(typically represented by colour) to vary intensity. Like free weights or weights machines, resistance bands provide a force against which your muscles must work - similarly to the ankle weights mentioned above. There are lots of different types of exercises you can perform with resistance bands.

Foam Roller* - Such a helpful tool for rolling out and loosening up tight muscles - they're great for after running - my personal fave - or after any workout. The foam roller aids by applying pressure to specific points of your body to aid in recovery.
Protein Bars/Protein Powder* - So, after you've used some of the tools/equipment mentioned above, it's now time to aid muscle repair and growth with protein! - I always make sure I'm stocked up with protein bars, perfect for when I'm short on time and need to workout, shower and go! or I use protein powder - which you can have as a shake pre-workout or put into porridge or in baking!

I'm currently using some protein bars/protein powder sent to me from Herbalife which are great. The protein bars are so convenient - they're not as calorie dense as other protein bars and have 10 g of protein which is perfect for after a shorter workout at home.
The protein powders are great too, they dont taste chalky like other protein powders I've had in the past and they mix well too. They also give me a good boost of protein after a strenuous workout.

All of the above equipment and tools you can find relatively cheap online and would be more than enough to get in a great workout, all from the comfort of your own home, when and if necessary!

If, of course, you decide to workout at home primarily, you could always extend the home fit kit for items such as dumbells and kettlebells too for more workout options.

Question: Do you have a Fit Kit? What do you have in yours? What would you put in it?

Disclosure: I received A Herbalife Fit Kit for free in return for a blog post including the items. I also received the BeastGear Core Sliders for free. I am not being paid to talk about or advertise any of these products. All opinions are as always, my own and are not affected by items gifted to me. See my policy page HERE for more detail.

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