Weekly Recap #19


I've had a better week this week, managed to run as normal, got out for a swim and a cycle and kept my eating in check. So far so good! Lets recap!

Running - I've run 4 times this week which is quite good for me. I ran from Thursday through to Sunday - which is not typical but it seemed to go OK. I have definitely come to the conclusion that I prefer to run on my own. When I'm with others, I constantly feel as though I'm going too slow, I have to go out of my comfort zone and run faster to keep up with people and generally just don't feel as good as when I run on my own.
Swimming - I made it to my swim lesson this week thank god! I left earlier than usual to make sure that I wasn't late. The lesson went well, I don't feel like I've lost any swimming fitness at all. We did a bit of everything during the class and I felt really good when I came out. I do need to get back in the pool during the week though as I didn't go to the pool again during the week. Tut.

Cycling - Finally made it back out on the bike this week.. and god it was hard! Any sort of incline totally sucks and I really need to build up some leg strength and just overall stamina. We're looking into getting a turbo trainer as I have been finding it really hard to get out on the bike in the morning as it's been dark and particularly foggy!
Also managed my longest road bike ride so far, did 12.5 miles which I'm pretty pleased with. Didn't feel tired.. but I'm having a couple of lady issues(if you catch my drift), the seat is really uncomfortable after some time on the saddle! :S

Food has been much the same as last week, I've continued with the porridge as I just love it on the  colder mornings, it's so warming! I've still been having the soups too, without bread which has been working out pretty well as they get me rather full which is a bonus. Snacks haven't been as bad this week.. but I have still made some sh*tty choices.. Phillip and I found some giant marshmallows in Tesco the other day.. and well.. I've eaten a fair few!

I was doing so well the other week.. and then I'm back down to being the worst blogger ever with no new blog posts. I actually have a blog post written up that just needs pictures adding and I just hadn't gotten round to it. I guess that will be for this week!

I really want to get the ball rolling on creating content for my Youtube channel again as it's been quite a while since I last put one up on there. I'm gonna do a 'Week in Workouts video for next week hopefully! As long as I remember to film the bits I need!

Nothing health or fitness related this week.. but Skyrim came out for the Xbox one this week and Phillip tempted me to get it to play on my laptop.. and I've played it quite alot this weekend.. but I'd like to keep it that way and only play it on the weekends so it doesn't drain ALL of my time. But it is a very good game!
Right, so lets have a look at last weeks to do..
I really need to get myself into a routine - I'm gonna say I sort of worked on this a bit this week but it's not good enough. I've been getting up earlier to fit in my runs this week.. but I've found that I'm SO un-organised that after I get back I'm faffing far too long trying to get things ready for work so I've still been running late! Must get more organised!

I NEED to get to my swimming lesson! - Yes! I mentioned above I managed to get to my swim lesson this week. I was determined not to miss another week but like I mentioned, I need to be going more than once a week.

I'd love to get back on the bike this week - Another yes! but again, I'd like to get out a few more times during the week, even if it's just for a few shorter rides to get myself used to the bike and the saddle.. ouch! ;)

This week..

Swim and Cycle Twice - More than doable, I just need to be more organised.. which brings me onto my second.

Plan ahead/Get more organised - I'm getting myself into a better routine but need to start planning ahead, knowing roughly what I want to do and what days I want to do them and prepare in advance. I may start getting my work stuff ready the night before, just so I'm not in a mad rush to get everything together!

I'm not saying  I'll be able to fix everything in the space of a week and everything will be perfect but small changes will hopefully help and it'll be easier to manage everything!

Question: Any tips for getting more comfortable in the saddle? Do you have a favourite game that you enjoyed as a child or even as an adult?

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