Weekly Recap #18


I've had an OK week this week. I've run a lot and my food has been OK. There has been some not-so-ok parts this week too though, including the fact that I've not swam or cycled this week, I've had a little too much sweet treats and I really need to get into a good routine. Let me go into a little more detail.

I've had a great week of running this week. I ran on Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday. I ran 5 miles on all of the days, 20 miles in a week is definitely not what I'm used to, but it was manageable.
I ran 3 days with Jane and once on my own this afternoon. All the runs went pretty well, today's run being the best of the 4  runs that I've had. I felt great running and I haven't felt that way in a long time.

I didn't manage any other exercise this week. I had planned on swimming and cycling(weather permitting), this week but that didn't happen. I went out swimming on Monday but go stopped in my tracks by road works and would have ended up late for the lesson so I ended up turning around. I didn't end up going for the rest of the week.

Food has been pretty decent this week. I've been having porridge for breakfast for most of the week which has been lovely as always, I've been pretty much sticking to dried fruit and nut butter on top but may try and switch it up with something else this week for something a bit different!

I've been continuing with the soup this week, except I thought I'd try some of the big pots of Tesco Soup that they had on offer. Ingredients aren't hideous and calories/macros were decent for a full pot.

I did at first buy some sandwich thins to dip into the soup, but after the first day, I found that I was WAY full so ended up just having the soup on its own with no bread and it was very filling, it's a bonus if I don't have to have extra calories for the bread.

Snacks has probably been the worst this week. I've had some chocolate coins, I've had some cake.. it's all stuff I don't actually need and I need to nip it in the bud!

Two blog posts for this week, getting into more of a schedule! I would ideally like to keep with two posts during the week and this weekly recap post at the weekend making it 3.I'd like to try and get the other posts up during the week and not on the weekend to space things out a bit.
How To Stay Motivated To Run In The Winter!
Review // VerveRider+ Earbuds by Motorola

Blackberry & Apple Crumble! - It's getting damn cold and it's that time of the year where I start making Apple Crumble again. I bought the ingredients on our weekly shop on Friday and made it on Saturday evening for pudding with the fam. It was marvelous, if I do say so myself, I do love a good crumble.
I could just have a bowl of the topping on its own and I'd be happy! ;)

So last week I wanted to go swimming and wanted to get back on the bike. Both of those plans were squished.

First off, swimming, I've mentioned above, I went out for my lesson on Mon eve and found the road was closed for road works and it would have taken me forever to get into town for my lesson, there was no way I could make it so I just went home.

I didn't swim or cycle for the rest of the week. No real excuses on my part to be honest, I've been pretty lazy in the morning and have been going to bed really late which makes me super tired in the morning. If it wasn't for Jane getting me up for 3 of my runs this week, I probably wouldn't have gone.

So that brings me on to my to-do for this week.

I really need to get myself into a routine - I'm going to bed far too late at night and leaving myself really delirious in the morning leaving no time for anything except getting ready for work which is really bad of me!

I NEED to get to my swimming lesson! - I must not miss my lesson this week. It's been 3 weeks since I last went to a lesson, since before the holiday which isn't great, especially since I'm paying for it. I actually haven't been swimming in 3 weeks I don't think, that's even worse! So I really need to get into the pool.

I'd love to get back on the bike this week - However, this is totally dependent on the weather as it's been a bit crap the last couple of days! and obviously it's dependent on whether I can stop being such a lazy arse and get out of bed in the morning!

We will see what happens this week I guess! but hopefully all goes well!

Question: Do you like Crumble? What is your favourite dessert to have in the colder months?

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