Weekly Recap #17


This week has been pretty pants with regards to exercise. Ideally, I would have just liked to have gotten back into my routine but it didn't exactly go as planned. I managed some running but totally neglected swimming and cycling this week. Food kinda evened out the week, so I suppose it wasn't all bad - lets have a look!

Wedsnesday - A 20 min kettlebell workout that nearly killed me -I'm totally out of practice with the kettlebells, the 5 kg kettlebell I had was SO tough. I don't have anything lighter so it was a bit of a struggle but I'm happy to have at least finally got round to doing one! Hopefully I can continue it!
Thursday - I had planned to go out earlier in the week but the clown craze was getting a bit out of hand here and our town had a lot of sightings. I personally think they're all idiots, I don't find it funny and I didn't particularly want to have the crap scared out of me, so I put it off as long as possible.

Thankfully, there were no clowns.. though I stayed well away from houses and went down a back road out of town just so I wouldn't have to potentially deal with it. Sigh! 3 miles done.

Saturday - Did 3.2 miles, again stuck to the backroads, stayed out of the way. I went out a little later than usual for the weekend, about 4:30 and I can tell that the light is fading already and it's so depressing! It wont be long before I will be getting the head torch out and running in the dark.. something I don't particularly like doing..

Sunday - Another 3 miles! Another trend of staying away from the town and instead running out of it into the country side. It's actually pretty peaceful and I enjoy it. Legs were feeling a little heavier and tired today but that might have been because it was oddly quite warm out. It had been pouring it down all day until there was a break and the sun came out.. but it ended up being quite warm and I didn't particularly enjoy it - I'm definitely a cooler temps runner!
Food this week hasn't been too bad - I've really tried to make good food choices so I'm pretty happy with how things went this week. Typically after getting back from holiday, I tend to be on a bender - I think because I was relatively good on holiday too, the after effects haven't been so bad.

It's getting colder(I don't like it! :( ), I've been having porridge religiously for breakfast, trying out different toppings. I had dried strawberries and almond butter earlier this week which was delicious.
Doesn't look very appetizing, but who wants porridge going cold doing fancy decorating?!
I've also been having soup this week for lunch which is lovely and warming! I just want to try and cut down and not having bread with it too but feel as though soup may not fill me up enough and I'll end up snacking earlier.

I had one blog post go live this week, you can check it out below:
Monthly Stats // October // A small breakthrough

I didn't do one of these blogs posts last week as I was on holiday, so I didn't set anything that I wanted to do. We're back to normal now and I need to set something for next week.. soo..

- Go swimming at least twice this week.
- Get back out on the bike(weather permitting).

I didn't do either of these last week, so I'd really like to make sure I keep on top of both  this week! Ideally, I want to keep up my swimming and biking throughout the winter.I'm thinking of getting a bike trainer so I can keep cycling through the winter.. I'm gonna have a look into it!

Question: What is your favourite soup? Do you eat it on it's own or do you eat it with something else?

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