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I'm quite partial to a bit of fitness tech.. I love new pieces to try out and like to have all the new technology. I'm also quite partial to listening to some music whilst I workout, whether that's running, home workouts or even just a walk, so a decent pair of earphones is a must!

I currently have a pair of headphones that I love for running, however, these headphones aren't quite suitable for my home workouts and I tend to go for normal, wired headphones or without completely.

The thing is, when I'm working out at home, I want to be in the zone. We have a very busy household and I  want to block out the rest of the noise to focus on my workout and listening to instructions from workout videos - something I can't do with my running headphones due to them being bone conduction and being able to hear everything around you.

So, then I'm left with wired headphones and their issues.. They can keep coming out of your ears, you can get the wire tangled & caught up and you can become very frustrated and distracted! So, when I received an email with the opportunity to review a pair of their wireless VerveRider+ Earbuds from VerveLife range by Motorola, I jumped at the opportunity to solve this issue.
Typically, when I think of Motorola, I tend to think of Mobile Phones and not accessories like headphones. They brought out a new range of VerveLife products including different types of head/ear phones and even an action cam(which looks great)! So I was pretty intrigued to see how they held up.

Features of the  VerveRider+
The VerveRider+ are wearable, waterproof stereo Earbuds. They are designed with IP57 water/sweat protection(can withstand 3 feet of fresh water submersion for 30 minutes) so there's no risk of them not working after a sweaty workout session or even a run in the rain.

You connect the earbuds via bluetooth to your phone or even your laptop(if compatible). Pairing is pretty straight forward with a long hold press of the  power button to put it into pairing mode and connecting it with your bluetooth device.
The earbuds have 150 ft of range! As a test engineer for my full time job, testing technology like headphones, remote controls etc, is part of my daily job so I know what to look out for quality wise with this sort of technology at long range.. I can say I'm pretty impressed! I wouldn't go as far to say I've been to 150 ft range but I've been to the other side of quite a big office and connectivity has been perfect, as has audio quality, no audio distortions.

The earbuds also have 12 hours of audio playtime which is impressive and I've definitely tested this, I've worn these from the morning all the way to the evening before the earbuds have needed charging.

They have an integrated mic for calls - I've taken a couple of calls and the audio has been perfectly clear and the recipient can hear me with absolutely no issues. You can also control Siri/Google via the headphones too.
There's function buttons on collar part of the earphones, play/pause, volume controls that double as backwards and forwards for track selection & a call function button. The Call and Play/pause button are also magnetized, allowing the back of the earbuds to stick to the collar so they don't swing about when not in use!

How do they perform?
The main purpose of these earbuds are for those that live an active lifestyle, so whether you exercise a lot, you travel/commute to/from work or you're just generally on the go a lot, these are probably for you! I've used the headphones for pretty much everything to be able to give an all round perspective. So, how did they stand up?

General Use
First off, I've used them as my 'out and about' earphones. I've worn them on walks and I've worn them in and around the office, they've been my go to earphones for listening to anything! They're comfortable and lightweight, I hardly recognize they're there. I've had a couple of mini heart attack moments listening to music and wheeling away from my desk and forgetting I'm not actually connected to my phone! ;) They fit well in my ears with the standard bud - but there are 2 other sizes available if they don't fit. I've never had them fall out of my ears, they're a pretty secure fit.

The sound quality is perfect, very crisp and clear, blocks out the chatter in the office when you really want to focus on work and the hustle and bustle outside of work too.

Home Workouts
I've done both kettlebell workouts and home workout videos when wearing these and I've found them to be great. No more wires tangling, pulling out earphones from my ears or any general frustration. I have been able to pair the earphones to my laptop when I watch the videos in order to hear instructions/music and I've been able to hear instructions clearly without getting confused having not heard properly! My workouts certainly go a lot more smoothly now!
With regards to movement of the collar band, there is a little bit of movement when doing certain movements, jumping can make the collar band bounce a bit but nothing drastic or annoying to deal with. I suppose if you wanted to skip with these on, it might be a bit of an issue.

I've used them for both running here in the UK and running in Cyprus last week in more sweaty..sweaty conditions.. xD Sound quality wise when running, the earphones are absolutely fine and there's been no issues. No tangles from getting arms caught in wires.. woohoo! Sweat is not an issue at all, the earbuds dont fall out when you sweat alot, a problem I've had with previous earphones.

The collar part of the VerveRider+ can be a bit bouncy but I haven't found it that annoying, others may have a different opinion.
I do have one issue with the earbuds, that being that I have to run with just 1 earbud in and not both - this wasn't the case on holiday as it wasn't busy but it is always the case in the UK. The fact is, I really need to be able to hear what is going on around me, whether there are cars about and you cannot hear any sort of ambient sounds when both earbuds are in. If you have very little traffic about, you'll probably be fine.

Overall Opinion
I think the VerveRider+ Earbuds are great. I love the sound quality and I haven't really taken them off much to be honest. I'm getting the most benefit during home workouts, it's a joy to be able to focus on a workout without the fuss of wires getting tangled or not hearing instructions on workout videos and they're great for general use too.
I am definitely continuing to use them for home workouts and general use but maybe not so much for running purely because of the ambient sound issue. With the traffic in our town, it's too much of a risk to run with both in and that's pretty much the whole point of having to earbuds ;). That's not two say that others wouldn't be able to use them for running!

Generally, I think these earbuds would be perfect for home workouts/gym goers, particularly for those who weight train! If you lead an active lifestyle, if you're on the go a lot for work and travel - they would be great too.

At £79.99*, they're at a higher price point than some might be willing to pay but they're great earphones, are very well made and stylish looking and I really can't fault the sound quality and it's features included.  *Checking the website currently says they've got a deal for you to get a Power Pack Micro Charger for free with purchase too!

If you're interested in checking out the VerveRider+, you can find it HERE.
For all other VerveLife products, you can find those HERE.

Question: What do you look for in a pair of headphones/earphones? Do you like listening to music when you workout?

Disclosure: I received some VerveRider+ Earbuds for free in return for an honest review of the earbuds. I am not being paid to talk about or advertise their products. All opinions are as always, my own and are not affected by items gifted to me. See my policy page HERE for more detail.

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