Monthly Stats // October '16 // A small breakthrough!


We're TEN days into October already, how the hell! Usually these posts go up right at the beginning of the month, however, this fell at the same time as I was on Holiday. I had hopes of blogging/uploading blog posts whilst I was on holiday but the internet in the hotel was absolutely dire and I couldn't complete or edit any of the pictures for posts I'd hoped to publish.. so here we are!

Before I go too off topic, lets get straight into it!

Back down to 162 exactly just before going on holiday. So -0.4 lbs since last month. Not stellar, but I'm not too bothered, I'm becoming less and less bothered about this number each time I weigh in, but it's all part of the monthly progress update.

Last Months Weight: 162.4 lbs
This Months Weight: 162 lbs
Difference in Weight:  - 0.4 lbs
Total lbs lost since my highest weight: 96.1 lbs

A couple of changes in measurements this month surprisingly! A little off the hips, stomach and thighs - so I'll take it! Though I don't really see any of these changes in the pictures that I've taken this month, they look much the same as last months pictures.

Anyway, the inch loss is in the tape, so I'm taking that, not sure where the credit goes, maybe it was the extra running, cycling and swimming that I was doing towards the end of the month.

Last Months Plans:
So, I said I wanted to do Kettlebells last month and again it didn't materialized, that's no real shocker.
UPDATE - I did a kettlebell workout just this morning, so I am going to start doing it regularly now I've FINALLY started! Woo!

This Months Plan:
Don't overeat on holiday & get back to normal eating post hol - As I mentioned briefly, I was away on holiday but I wanted to ensure that this was my goal to work towards for this month. All other previous holidays I've been on, I've over eaten on and gained weight. I'm sure I've mentioned in one of these posts before that when I have gained weight on holiday, it's kind of stuck there so I really wanted to make more of a conscious effort this time round.

As A slight update to this, I can say that I did NOT overdo it on holiday and I did plenty of running and swimming everyday to compensate for some extra calories. I have also been getting back to normal eating wise since I've been back but it would be good to continue this to the end of the month and we'll catch up in my next stats post.

So, that's all the updates from this month, it's been a fairly good month I reckon, some inches lost, I've been doing a bit more exercise, so I think that's helped somewhat.

I'm interested to see what differences might be made next month with all the swimming/running I did on holiday and now that I've started to incorporate kettle bells back into my routine. We'll see what happens!

Question: Do you try to typically stick to the same sort of food/portions on holiday as you would if you were home? or do you indulge? 
Does anyone measure bodyfat %? Is the scales/calipers an OK way to track it? or are they useless?

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  1. Well done love! I'm terrible on holiday food wise but I almost always do a fair bit of exercise so whilst I'm not going to have washboard abs anytime soon, it kind of cancels it all out! :)


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