Weekly Recap #16


This week has been much better than last week. My exercise has been pretty much on point and my eating hasn't been too bad either, so I'm happy with how things have gone this week.

Monday - 8 Mile Cycle & Swimming Lesson - Went for a cycle in the morning which wasn't too bad! Though it was pretty chilly and I think I'll need to be taking a jacket of some sort to keep the wind chill off. All in all, I'd say I'm pretty used to the bike now and might start taking it out on the busier roads but we'll see.. I may change my mind!
Isn't she a beauty?!
In the evening, I had my swimming lesson - I haven't been to swimming lessons for about 2 weeks, so it was nice to be back. We started with 16 lengths of front crawl which I was a little apprehensive about as I usually can't swim that many lengths one after the other without taking a breather but I seemed to go OK! Only really had like a 30 second break about half way through which I'm happy about. The open water swimming must be helping somehow! We finished with some sculling and then she wanted us to do some tumble turns but I totally chickened out and wouldn't do them.

I'm definitely going to be getting in some tumble turn practice on holiday when I have use of the pool pretty much all day - that's how I got so good at breast stroke so maybe I'll master it!

Wednesday - 5 Mile Run & 1 Mile Swim - I'm back to swimming and running on a Wednesday morning with Phillips mum - though I'm not impressed with how early I have to get up OR how dark it is at that time in the morning, it's actually quite unnerving. It was really dark - so we stuck to the main streets and the park - we ended up doing a loop through the park that I usually use for hill training, so it ended up being a hill training session - It went by really quickly.
No matter what angle.. Hills never look as big in pictures!
The swim was OK. Though the pool that I swim in.. or rather the people that swim in it are getting on my nerves! There are too many people in the pool for starters and the pool is quite small - then there are people that just think they are better than everyone else, don't care about where they're swimming and don't have any pool etiquette. I managed to do a mile swim, but it took longer than usual due to certain people deciding to cut me up all the time!

Thursday - 8 Mile Cycle - Did an 8 mile route that I always do - didn't learn my lesson from the last time and went in just a t-shirt and cycle shorts so it was pretty chilly out - I went out a little later than usual too so got in some more practice around cars and having to stop at junctions and such. I definitely need to remember to drop down the gears before I stop - A couple of times I've stopped in a high gear and its so hard to start again!

Saturday - Open Water Swim & Park Run - Had open water swimming in the morning, the water temp has dropped by another degree to 16.5 - it's the last open water swim of the season next week until it starts back up next year. Thankfully I didn't have any malfunctions this week and did 3x400m laps.

Afterwards, I did the park run as it is straight after OWS. I have a Tri Suit now so it makes it so much easier to transition between swimming and running without having to fully change. I managed to run park run in under 30 minutes which was a nice surprise as for the last couple of weeks I've been doing 32 mins, so I must be doing something!

This week has been much better food wise! I've had a proper breakfast in the morning as I've already had it all prepared. Lunches have been OK too.

I've kept myself fairly occupied for the most part, so haven't really snacked on much during work time and if I have, it's been fruit or a fruit/nut bar.

I have eaten a bit more on days where I've been exercising as I've typically been doing 2 activities on those days and burning quite a lot of calories. I have been keeping a slight calorie deficit to help with weight loss  but it's not been extreme.

Bad blogger! No new blog posts this week!

Not in the slightest bit healthy or fitness related, but Phillip and I decided to try Cafe Nero this weekend on a usual coffee outing instead of Starbucks that we typically go to and we tried their Cappuccino Cake and it was pretty amazing! :) You should know by now that I'm a firm believe of not restricting anything in my diet and that having the odd piece of cake is absolutely fine! So that can be my favourite for this week! Unfortunately, I dont have a picture as it was gone in a flash ;)

So, last week I said I wanted to do 2 runs, 2 cycles and 2 swims, I managed 3 swims and 2 runs and cycles, so I'm pretty happy with that this week. Ideally, I'd like to repeat it this week leading up to  going on Holiday on Sunday as I definitely wont get in any cycling whilst Im on holiday unless it's in the gym - most of my exercise will be swimming.

I want to get some blog posts prepared for next week and the following week whilst I'm on holiday so that there's some content on here whilst I'm away.

I'll be going away on Sunday to Cyprus for a week, so hopefully by then I will have everything planned out!

Question: Do you ever go out for coffee, where's your favourite place to go? What type of drink do you order?

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  1. Ha, I used to forget to change gears before stopping but now it's a second nature to me! :-)

  2. I have an addiction to Costa Coffee and go at least once a week, although in Autumn I swap to Starbucks for their Pumpkin Spiced Latte.
    People's bad manners at public swimming pools put me off swimming. Oh to be rich and able to afford my own pool.


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