Weekly Recap #15


This week has been much the same as last week tbh.. not much exercise has gone down, I HAVE stopped eating out of bordem at least, but I'll talk more about that in a bit! Lets look at what went down this week.

Tuesday - 8 Mile Cycle - Glad I got in this cycle as I didn't get the opportunity again for the rest of the week - The cycle went good. The more I get out on the bike, the more confident I feel on it - Had to slow down a fair few times at some junctions as they were a little busier than when I've been out before. Gave me some practice with the gears. :)

Friday - 30 Min Swim - I did want to do a mile swim in the pool, but left a little late and I'm quite glad I didn't end up staying any later as there was a guy in there totally pissing me off.

Saturday - Open Water Swimming & 5 Mile Run - The swim went better than last week at least. Had a slight mishap with my goggles on the first lap round and had to stop, managed to temporarily stop the fogging and continue. I almost decided to stop after two laps but decided to at least do 3 before getting out. I didn't do the parkrun afterwards as I wanted to do a longer run later on.

The run later on went OK, I felt OK- ran along the river and mostly dodged slugs! Did 5 miles.
Sunday - 5 Mile Run - needed to complete 2 x 5 mile runs as part of a challenge. I did struggle to get the motivation to go out.. I'd done a lot of walking earlier this morning and felt really drained, I slept for an hour and then finally attempted to go out. Another run along the river, thankfully no slugs this time!

Well, Breakfasts first.. They didn't really improve much this week, I've bought porridge for this week so I will be eating better from this week - and if the last few days is anything to go by, it's pretty appropriate as it's getting colder and porridge is perfect for colder mornings!

Lunches - have been a little better, not as much pasta thankfully! I've been switching things up a bit, in fact I've had something different everyday! I did have a pasta salad once this week, I've had a salad, cous cous with tuna and a sandwich.. so a real mix.. and mostly carbs! xD

I haven't been bordem eating this week.. I've tried my hardest to make sure that it doesn't happen. I've been drinking way more water instead and I've had some some fruit too. Lets hope I can continue!

I put up one new blog post this week, which you can find below if you haven't seen it.
Journey To Triathlete

You can of course request any blog post ideas/videos that you might want to see from me!

Not an item but a website, I've mentioned it a couple of times before very briefly but it's Running Heroes - It's similar to a couple of other apps and websites like Earthmiles and Bounts where you earn points based off your running activity and then you can use the points towards rewards for running kit or accessories. 
They also host a lot of challenges - which is what I've been mentioning the last couple of weeks. These challenges are to win specific items from brands by doing a set amount of runs or miles and it's been what has kept me motivated to run on days where I don't actually want to run(the 2 five mile runs I did yesterday and today were for a Vibram challenge on the website). If you do a lot of running, it's totally worth signing up to the website and joining in with the challenges!

I've already mentioned earlier, but I want to make sure I have a proper breakfast everyday this week - there's no excuse as I've already bought the porridge for the whole week that I'll take to work to have once I get in.

I also want to try and get in two cycles/runs/swims this week - I know that I'm not going to have much longer to get out on the bike before the weather turns - I know that I can still go out on the bike if it's wet but I want to make sure I'm confident enough on the bike for it first so any practice is better than nothing! Open water swimming may stop after next weekend depending on the water temps. The temps dropped by 2 degrees since last week, so we will see!

Hopefully I can have a better week this week!

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