Weekly Recap #13


I've been very busy exercise wise this week, for both challenge reasons and sanity reasons(mentioned briefly in my last post). Food wise, it hasn't been too bad actually but I'll go into that in a bit! Overall it's been an OK week.

I exercised 6/7 days this week, sometimes exercised twice a day, so I'll give you as brief a recap as possible without rambling too much!

Mon - 4.4 mile Bike Ride - 4.5 mile Run - I took my bike out for the first time. Annoyingly I had to take the bike back the day after this ride due to my chain rubbing on the derailleur. Not much to say about the run - my legs were a little dead after a week of running prior.

Weds - After a day off, I was feeling a little more refreshed in the legs - it was much needed! I did 4.7 miles for the challenge.

Thurs - Very proud of myself for managing to knock out 5.9 miles - I HATE leaving runs on .9 but I honestly thought I was on 6 after I stopped my watch and got inside the house. Ugh!

Fri - Another 4 miles for the challenge - go me! ;)

Sat - Switched it up this week. I've been putting off doing open water swimming followed by park run as I really wasn't sure if I could swim and then run 5k - I didn't have a tri suit which would make it easier to do - so I borrowed Phillips spare one for the day - I managed just under a mile for open water swimming and the 5k - the parkrun was a little slower than usual but I think that was more due to running for almost 2 weeks.
How flattering are TriSuits?!
Sun -  4.5 Mile Run & 8 Mile Bike Ride - My last run for the challenge completed - and I actually did 1.5 miles more than I needed - I think it might actually be weird to NOT run everyday as I've been used to it for 2 weeks. Not long after getting back I went on my second bike ride! I'm taking it slow and getting used to the bike and the gears! I'll do a couple of these rides until I'm comfortable to take to some busier roads and some longer distances!

Food hasn't been that bad - I've been drinking a lot more water this week, I've not had too many snacks as I haven't been feeling as hungry - which given how much exercise I've been doing this week, I'm very surprised. I've been upping my protein to help accommodate for the extra exercise that I've been doing - mostly via protein shakes as I've been running later on in the evenings and really don't want to eat much at that time of night. Though I dont know how much longer I'll be keeping up the evening runs as it's getting so dark! So I will be getting my protein through food as much as I can.

I've posted one other blog post this week, but no Youtube Videos - I'd like to get back onto a regular schedule of blog posts and Youtube videos but we will see how things pan out.
Monthly Stats // September // A Rough Month

I got this sample box of SciMX Pro 2 Go Caramel Crunch Protein bars* in the post earlier in the week and was excited to try them out and I actually love them! They've got a crispy layer on top, followed by some gooey caramel and a chewy layer at the bottom.

They're very similar to the CarbKilla bars - I'd definitely buy them myself when they come out! You're probably aware I don't count Macro's or anything so I'm not sure where they stand compared to other bars, but there's more info HERE if you're interested! All I know is that they were pretty yummy!
Now that the challenge for Running Heroes has ended, I wont be running everyday - However, I do want to make sure I keep up my running - so I'd ideally like to run every other day and keep my mileage up at about 6-7 miles every other run with my other run being some sort of speed run. I'm planning on finding a few 10 Ks to do over the next couple of months, so I'd like to start getting my speed up a bit if possible starting from next week. Hopefully I can stay motivated to keep running!

* Disclaimer: I received the SciMX Protein Bar samples for free. As always, my opinion is my own and is not affected by items gifted to me. 

Question: Do you have to complete a full mile for running or are you more than happy to end on a '.something' ?

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