Journey To Triathlete!


Next Year, I will be a Triathlete!

If you'd asked me 5 years ago whether I would ever think of doing a Triathlon, I'd have said Hell No.. but then here I am 5 years later, telling you that I'm going to be taking on a scary, new challenge!

Now, nothing is official yet, purely because the dates and entry for the Triathlon I want to do next year aren't up/opened but when they do, I will be signing up straight away!

The idea of doing a Triathlon only really came about quite recently. Partly because of the Olympics, watching the events and getting inspired and partly because Phillip was in training and just completed his first Triathlon last month and watching them all at the race spurred me on that much more.

So,  where am I at right now?

Well, I've been running for 3 years now, so I'm not entirely starting from scratch! Though swimming and cycling before running is a whole different ball game. That combined with the fact that I can have some tough run days and I've a known habit of not sticking to my training.. this is going to be one hell of a challenge!

Then swimming, the next best thing I'm OK at ;). I've been doing swimming lessons for two years now(TWO YEARS!). It's been very slow progress for me with the lessons. Breast Stroke? Perfect, no issues and actually quite strong apparently, even compared to some peoples front crawl, but when it comes to a Triathlon, ideally I need to be doing Front Crawl for the most part.

I can do Front Crawl, don't get me wrong, I can do Bilateral breathing(though I find it easier on just the one side) but my stamina is just not there. In a pool, I can swim a couple of lengths and then I'm struggling to catch my breath, so this needs some work!

Open Water - As many of you will know, two months ago, I hired a wetsuit to try open water swimming. My first swim, I managed 4 x 400m laps and was so incredibly proud of myself for doing that on my first swim. I've since purchased my own wetsuit and have been swimming every Saturday since then.
And then there's cycling! I actually had no intention of buying a bike until I'd sorted the Cycle To Work Scheme(which was delayed so was out of the question for a while) and was then going to wait until after Christmas to get a bike in the sales. In the end, I just bit the bullet and bought a bike anyway! Atleast I can get in a bit of practice before next season.

I occasionally rode a mountain bike last summer, but a road bike is a lot different and it's taking some getting used to! I've been for a couple of 8 mile cycles on some quieter roads to get used to the handling of the bike and the gears and all seems well so far. Hopefully, I will be able to get in a few more rides before it gets too dark in the morning and evenings and the weather takes a turn for the worse.
I've not done any brick sessions as of yet, to be honest, when I ride my bike, the last thing I want to do is go for a run straight after, my legs feel like jello! Though I'm sure that will come with time and proper training!

And I'm going to have to really get my butt into gear where home workouts is concerned and gain some strength. Phillip and I have already spoken about the possibility of re-joining our local gym during the winter - so we will see with that one.

So, that's where I'm at currently, it's a start at least! And I have a year to train for the Triathlon I want to do so it's plenty of time!

It's going to be tough as hell, there's no point in sugar coating it.. but I'm gonna give it my best shot and hope I don't regret my decision! And of course, I will be updating on how things are going here on the blog too for those interested!


If you've got any tips for Triathlete's in Training, feel free to leave me a comment, I'd appreciate any help! :)

Question: Have you ever completed a Triathlon? OR Ever thought about competing in one?

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  1. Good luck with your journey to tri! I started training for triathlon after injury three summers ago and am now hooked. I am looking forward to following you as you take this on. Please stop my blog to see how triathlon and everything else has gone for me. Cheers!!! You will rock it!

  2. You'll enjoy it! If you are already confident in open water then that is probably the hardest part that you've ticked off the list. Make sure you practice transitions and brick runs (get used to the weird leg feeling post bike) and make an extensive kit checklist then you will be fine. Also don't be afraid of having to revert back to breaststroke even when you've improved your frontcrawl, sometimes it is a big help (especially in a crowd of people like the start of a tri) just to get your breath and rhythm back - there also will 100% be people doing breastroke for the whole thing! You've got plenty of time so don't rush anything :)


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