Weekly Recap #12


Everything appears to be against me lately, just when things are starting to let up, something else happens to get in the way. I've had some family issues this week and really haven't been in the correct state of mind for the most part. I've  done some exercise which you'll see below, but not nearly as much as I would have wanted.

Mon - Swimming lesson - has usual, every evening. For some reason, this time round they appeared to split the pool into 3, half the pool is usually sectioned for non-lesson swimmers and half for swimming lessons. I don't know what possessed them this time round but they gave half the pool to 'slower' swimmers, a quarter to 'fast' swimmers and a quarter of the bloody pool for our swimming lessons. With 8 people in a lesson, a quarter of the pool just wasn't enough. the majority of the lesson was spent waiting for other swimmers to go ahead in the queue and it was so frustrating.

I think we did front crawl drills, but I really can't remember much from it other than being annoyed!

Tues - A 4.5 mile run in the morning with P's mum as usual. A fairly warm run and I always struggle with the heat. Managed to stay with Phillips Mum for about 3 miles before she stormed ahead and left me ;) But I always feel happy and energized when I get back as It sets me up for a better day when I've exercised in the morning.

Thurs - Phillip and I went to the pool for a late night swim. I managed a mile in 43 minutes for breast stroke which wasn't too bad. I really need to get out of the habit of doing breaststroke when I go to the pool though as I'm not doing any front crawl practice unless I'm in my swimming lesson.

Sat - Another Open Water Swim this weekend - not as enjoyable as last weekend purely because it was very 'weedy' this weekend and there were loads of weeds on the surface of the water which I didn't like! I kept getting them tangled up in my hands, on my neck and caught between my toes.
I still managed to somehow do 4 laps which is the equivalent of a mile in Open Water but my watch isn't registering as I'm doing a combination of Breaststroke and Front Crawl.. and apparently the Garmin Watch doesn't like Breast Stroke for open water and doesn't appear to record a lot at all.. 800 yards actually!

So I need to start doing more front crawl in OWS and getting used to sighting the buoys!

As if OWS swimming wasn't enough, I also went out for a 2.5 mile run in the evening once it got 'cooler' except it wasn't actually that cool but it did allow me to escape for a bit after a tough week.

Food has been on and off this week. I've tried to keep my 'stress' and 'emotional' eating to a minimum, with the exception of a bit of cake on Tuesday and a meal at a restaurant for Phillips birthday. Other than that I've been drinking a lot of water which has minimized my snacking and I've been having some salads. Though I really need to get into the habit of buying my own stuff for lunches and making them instead of buying 'ready made' salads and sandwiches!

None this week, I've not been in the right frame on mind to put out or write any blog posts this week but I'll have at least 1 blog post going live next week which will go live on Tues.. maybe another later on in the week, not including my usual recap post at the weekend.

I signed up for a sample of Whey Box recently and received my sample in the post last week. as someone who tends to reach for the more convenient options in products, I like the idea of Whey Box, They're basically a subscription type service that send out sachets of Whey Protein Powder each month. They have a bunch of different flavours and come in convenient, perfectly portioned sachets so you can have them on the go. I've taken a few sachets out with me when I've gone swimming and they've been great. They mix really well and are nice and thick when mixed with some milk and they taste really good too!

I said I'd like to run and swim 3 times this week. I swam 3 times and ran twice, so I'm close enough and happy with that. The exercise has really helped this week after some family worries. So it's been good to get out and clear my head.

This week, I'm gonna keep up the water intake as it's helping me not to snack so much and I also want to make sure that I go out walking everyday at work on my lunch break, just to get out and move. I've been doing a lot of walking outside of work both in the morning and evenings but I really didn't realise how sedentary I am when I decide to not go out for a walk. A few days this week I've come home having done a maximum of about 500 steps which is crap!

Question: Totally unrelated to anything in the post but who's been watching the Olympics? What is your favourite event to watch? I'm actually really enjoying watching the Swimming and Diving!

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  1. Well done on maintaining the training!
    I've been all over the Olympics. In the old days, I ran 100m and 200m at a national level and so athletics is right up there but I've been getting 'emotionally unstable' about gymnastics, tennis, cycling, Rugby Sevens (my favourite sport of the Games). It's all been quite simply amazing and utterly inspiring; I was in the garage gym today with olympic images flashing through my head, really spurring me on!


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