Weekly Recap #11


This week has been less stressful, a little less busy and has gotten a whole lot more positive(see my last post..). We'll just get straight into it as I have quite a bit to talk about!

Mon - Swimming lesson - had my lesson as normal - the majority of the swim was front crawl technique work - with a bit of 'speed' work in between. I say 'speed' because I think I'm pretty slow with front crawl to be honest.. haha! It was a good lesson. I left feeling very tired!

Tues - A 3 mile run in the evening -  Went out with Phillips mum for a quick stretch of the legs before I got ready for work - I really hate how muggy it is - I'm really hate running when it's warm. I'd definitely much prefer going to the pool at the moment.

Sat - A mile for my first Open Water Swim and a 3.5 mile run. My first open water swim was in the morning.. the first couple of minutes was scary as hell.. Phillip and his mum had gone off without me and I was left to swim by myself but once I'd got used to swimming in the suit and used to the water, it really wasn't bad at all and I ended up doing 4x400m laps of the lake. Breast stroke is particularly hard in a wet suit as my legs were quite buoyant and I couldn't kick in the water. Front crawl was so much easier though, I ended up doing a mix of front crawl and breast stroke - I could have done more front crawl but I need to get used to sighting as I was veering off quite a lot!

I'm looking forward to next weeks swim and then I will probably end up getting my own wet suit so I continue with swims this year.

I ran later on in the evening just to get out and it was still pretty sweaty and hot! Phillip and I did 3.5 miles hunting for some Pokemon! xD

Breakfast has been slacking a little this week. The heat has been playing havoc with my eating. I typically have porridge in the morning but I've deffo not been feeling it this week so I've either had a breakfast bar or a yoghurt and I've been eating a little later in the morning too, which can't do any harm!

I've had a couple of salads from Aldi this week which hasn't been too bad and 2 days this week I've had a sandwich from Tesco as I was in a rush for lunch and had no time to walk to get some extra salads. I really should start making my own lunch.. I'm just lazy and tend to go for things that are already made. So lazy of me!

We have been back on track for our evening meals - we've been trying to make an effort to make sure we eat so we don't tend to binge on crap and snacks. We also didn't buy many snacks at all this week - mostly fruit!

I managed 1 blog post this week which was my Monthly Stats for this month, if you haven't read it, you can find it below:
Monthly Stats // August '16 // Self Love?

It's gonna be Open Water Swimming that I mentioned above. I got into the Hire Wet suit that morning expecting to be in the lake for about 10 minutes before deciding that I wanted to get out but instead, I left the lake around 50 minutes later feeling extremely proud and happy with myself for swimming that long and facing a fear! I also didn't realise how much easier it was to swim front crawl in a wet suit so I'm looking forward to trying to swim front crawl more in open water. I'm going to see what wet suits are available at the place that we hired from. Phillip has a higher end Orca suit and he was saying that I should go for a higher brand - I'll just have to see what they have to offer.

Then the only item left on my list is a bike.. which I've already been looking at and considering. I've asked at work about the cycle to work scheme in the hopes that I can maybe get a bike with that and use it to cycle to work too since I'm not that far away anyway, but we will see.

So maybe in the not too distant future.. I might do a short distance tri?!

I didn't set out to do anything last week just because of the position that I was in. In an ideal situation, I want to run and swim at least 3 times this week - I managed 2 last week so it's more than doable if I get up earlier in the morning - or go in the evening.

I'll see how I get on with that and then go from there. but all in all I think it's been a really good week and I'm happy with how I got on this week. Lets hope for the same if not better next week!

Question: Have you ever been Open Water Swimming?

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  1. Well done on the open water swim. Now I'm near the sea I should try this


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