Monthly Stats // August '16 // Self Love?


Firstly.. I was so caught up in other stuff that I didn't realise that it was the 1st(when it was the 1st) until later on that day when I finally got onto social media so I didn't take my photos in the morning like I usually do.. hence this post is a little late. This month didn't go to plan, I've still been really busy and it's been hell trying to manage my time. I have been a little better these last couple of days and things are getting quieter so fingers crossed I get some breathing space!

I'm back down to my June weight, I've re-lost the 0.4 lbs that I gained last month but that wasn't too much of a surprise. My body has been stuck at this weight since February. I had spiked from 156 to 166 over the space of 2 weeks whilst on holiday. I always gain weight on holiday but have typically never really had problems losing it again.. until now.. 5-6 months down the line and I'm STILL not back into the 160's. Rant over.. moving on swiftly.

Total lbs lost since my highest weight: 94.6 lbs

No changes again in measurements this month. No visible differences in appearance. I think I need to practice some self love. I'm really starting to loathe parts of my body and hating on myself for not being able to lose the weight I've gained. 

It's also so mentally difficult. I had surgery to get rid of lose skin and though I haven't reversed the results from the surgery, I feel like I really should have made more of an effort way back when I had the surgery to try and keep that weight down and instead I let things slip and now look where it had gotten me. I'm being very tough on myself recently and I think it's starting to wear me down.

Last Months Plans:
- I don't even want to talk about my plans for last month. Yet again it's something else that I haven't managed to do when I've set out to do it. Gosh this post is a bundle of joy this month right?!

This Months Plans:
- Learn to love myself again - flaws and all - I don't want to set any silly goals for making sure I work out.. or making sure I eat a certain way or anything like that. I've been very hard on myself for my weight gain for as long as I can remember now and whilst it isn't a good thing.. it's also no good for me to beat myself up over it. 

The only thing is.. I don't know where to start.. How do I learn to love myself and my body again? :/ If you've been through this before.. please help a girl out!

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