Weekly Recap #10


Its been a good whilst since I did one of these posts and since I have some free time to sit down and write a post, I thought I'd jump at the opportunity.

Mon - Swimming lesson - We swam front crawl for the first 10 or so minutes at the beginning of the lesson and spend the last 20 minutes or so treading water and jumping/diving in the pool.

When I say jumping and diving into the pool.. I mean.. for me it meant spending about 15 of those minutes plucking up the courage to actually jump in. I have such a fear of going under water and drowning that the fear really gets to me. Though I know that I'm not likely to drown in the pool with a lifeguard close by, it still scares me.

I did manage to sit by the edge of the pool and drop myself in at the deep end and then eventually jump in whilst crouched.. but I haven't gotten anywhere near just stepping into the pool stood up.. or diving in.. but maybe eventually I will.

In other news, I've hired a wet suit for open water swimming.. so I'll keep you updated with that!
Fri -  I did 3.5 miles in the evening.. it was really muggy out and I struggled quite a lot. I did stop and start quite a bit during the run for some Pokemon stops so that helped slightly.. but I just really hate when it's so humid out.

Sun - I had the intention of going out to do another 3 miles.. I ended up going out with Jane(Phillips Mum) and we ended up doing 7 miles. I was way too hot and struggling quite a lot. I definitely feel slower since I've not been running as much lately. We were doing 10 min/miles but I really couldn't keep to Jane's pace after mile 4 and ended up falling back from her after that. I'm glad I did manage to do 7 miles rather than take a short cut and call it quits.

Breakfast and lunch has been great. I've been having proper breakfast for the most part and having porridge oats most mornings when I get to work. Lunch has been tuna salad wraps.. though I get into a habit of having the same thing for the whole week and I really don't want anymore tuna now, hah!

As for dinners, it's been pretty hit and miss. As it's been quite muggy and humid, I really haven't wanted anything hot for dinner and haven't had too much of an appetite until later on in the evening and then I'd end up snacking instead.

We've got some backup bits and pieces for us to have for dinner if we don't feel like anything hot - that way we don't end up snacking on too much later on in the evening.

As I mentioned briefly in the intro for this post.. I've not been doing so great on the blogging front. Unfortunately, life and work has been massively hectic these last couple of weeks.. to be honest, I've not been that active on very many of my social media channels either. Just when I think things are letting up and I have free time, something else comes up and I have to re-prioritise.

I'm just having to take things as they come at the moment and hope that I'm able to have a sit down every so often to knock out a new blog post. I have loads of draft posts and ideas and just no time to write them which can be incredibly frustrating!

I did manage to put up one blog post this week that you will be able to find below if you haven't seen it already:
My Go To Snacks

Otherwise, I apologise for my sporadic activity and hope to be able to get back to normality soon!

For this.. I'd have to say Pokemon Go. Though it isn't everyone's cup of tea and some people think it's really silly.. and I must admit, some people are acting really silly with it too but for me, this has been great. With the stress of everything at work - it's nice to just escape it for a lunch break and go on a walk.
I've been spending some couple time with Phillip each weekend to go out on long walks to find pokemon and we've really been enjoying it. I've been trying to make more of an effort to move a bit more since I was being very sedentry and not really moving anywhere 9-5 at work - I'm currently doing over 10k.. at the weekends Phillip and I are doing atleast 20k +.

I really don't think it's necessary to make any sort of to do lists at the moment purely because I don't know how this week is going to pan out and I don't want to put any pressure on anything.. if all goes well then I'm hoping to get  1 or 2 blog posts out this week and maybe a YT video for this weekend but we will see what happens.

I just know I'm really sad that I haven't been able to put as much time into my blog and would really like to set some time aside for it. I suppose this blog post is a start! :)

Question: Have you played Pokemon Go? What is one thing you turn to in stressful situations for a break?

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  1. I've been loving Pokémon Go too. I know some people are really hating on it but it's just a bit of fun that encourages people to get out of the house. I don't really see there being any harm in that


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