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Disclaimer: This blog post contains some items that were sent to me for free and are marked with an '*'. As always, all opinions on products are my own and is not affected by items that are gifted to me.
There are people out there that are able to have 3 meals a day and not have any snacks in between. That's definitely not me. I need at least 2 snacks per day, usually in between meals - one between breakfast and lunch and one between lunch and dinner. If you're one of those who doesn't have the need to snack.. please, tell me how you do it! ;)

With that in mind, I do try and make more of a conscious effort to try and eat 'healthier' snacks instead of cakes and biscuits, though, if you know me well enough, you'll know that these do creep in every so often.. in fact, it was only yesterday that I was whining to Mr Kipling about not having single packs of Bakewell Tart Slices..(Yes, I ate both in the twin pack as I didn't want to waste the other.. haha!)

So apart from the obvious being fruit, when I'm not chowing on a Bakewell Tart Slice.. I typically have a box at work that I keep stocked with my favourite Go-To snacks and I thought I'd share them with you.

Nakd Bars
Nakd Bars have always been in my snack box at all times for when I fancy. There are so many flavours to choose from and they also have the nibbles and bites form too which are great.
These are my favourite flavours.. though I'm not sure if you can get the Christmas Pud flavour, I haven't seen it in ages in stores.. Hopefully they become available again soon, or maybe they'll bring out a new Christmassy flavour!

Kind Bars
Kind Bars are known for having bars that contain ingredients you know and can pronounce. They're mostly made of nuts & spices or nuts & fruit. And most of all they're delicious! The Maple Glazed Pecan & Sea Salt is by far my favourite!
Primal Pantry
I only really discovered these this year. Similarly to Nakd Bars, Primal Pantry bars* contain mostly fruit and nut and they're cold pressed. I've not got my hands on all the flavours yet, but love the Apple & Pecan.
They're also brining out protein bars soon which is pretty cool. I will be interested to see what these are like!

9 bars are a great energy bar, especially for when I know I'll be exercising later on in the day - they're full of seeds and fruit, a little higher in calories, so I don't have them as often - typically on days where I exercise. Prefer the Carob bars over the plain, but they're all pretty good!

I love the little shot packets from Whitworths, they've got quite a few different flavours. They're made up of dried fruit, nuts and seeds mostly and come in at just under 100 cals per little shot packet. They're perfect for sticking in your bag for an on the go snack!
Apple Slices and Nut Butter
This has been a go-to recently. A good dollop of Nut Butter and an apple sliced up is always a fab snack. Pip & Nut is a brand I reach for quite often and as of most recently, I've been having the Nut Butters from The Protein Works - their Indulgent Nut Butter* is amazing! The Superfood one is good too, it's just a little dense & crunchy!
So, that's it for my go to snacks. I'm always on the look out for new snacks to have to switch things up a bit.. more often than not, I've found that my favourites above end up bringing out new flavours so I don't really have to stray from my favourite brands and they're all pretty accessible too!

Question: Do you snack during the day? What are your go-to snacks?

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  1. NomadicCrossfit28 July 2016 at 07:13

    I always have to snack during the day. I keep many bags of Lidl Mixed Nuts close by and have 10g at a time when I feel like it (usually 1030 and 1530). I was finding that Nakd/Primal Pantry bars can be exceptionally expensive in normal food outlets (supermarkets) but if you are able to get a CostCo card then you can buy in bulk at a fraction of the price
    When not eating nuts, I make a 1 min Microwave Protein cake that I have become extremely partial to! Thanks for the post.

  2. The Bakewell Tart and Cocoa Orange flavours of Nakd bar are my favourites too! I tend to have a drawer at work lined with bars and snack foods for those days when I'm feeling super hungry!

  3. @AHealthierMoo I love anything Bakewell flavoured, so I was in love with that one since I saw it! :D Yes, the box I have is always filled incase I get peckish - I just have to put it out of the way so I dont mindlessly pick from it either, haha!

  4. @NomadicCrossfit, Mixed nuts are great too, I just have a sweet tooth, so generally have to have them with something sweeter like dried fruit. Very calorie dense too. Yes, the bars can get quite expensive, I tend to over stock on them when I find them on offer :)

  5. I love Nakd bars but haven't tried anything else from your list. Lately I've been having chia pudding as a snack. I also snack on nuts.


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